Haworth Guitars Best Of NAMM 2020!

Haworth Guitars Best Of NAMM 2020!

January 24, 2020

The National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) is a convention that is held in Anaheim, California yearly. It’s a place for manufacturers of everything music and audio show off their latest bit of kit!
At NAMM 2020 there is a lot to see and hear, but there were a few things that we just couldn't miss! 
The Haworth's team are back in-store today, sharing with you their top 10 picks from NAMM 2020!

Number 1 - Fender Acoustasonic Stratocaster

The new Fender Acoustasonic Stratocasters have just been released at Namm and we have some coming 🙌 Send is a message to pre-order yours today or for more info 🤠

Are you a Strat or Tele fan?

Number 2 -  Ibanez PIA3761 SLW Steve Vai Signature Model

The highly limited Steve Vai Pia has just been released at Namm and we love it 😍 We have a very small amount coming with a special deal for you guys so message us if you’re interested now to avoid missing out 👉 ✉️

Who’s better Steve Vai or Joe Sat?




Number 3 - Fender Parallel Universe Volume II Telecaster Magico

The Fender Tele Magico is another highly limited USA Parallel Universe model just released at Namm 🙌

Send us a message today to enquire about this beauty or others in the Parallel Universe Vol II range 👉




Number 4 - Cole Clark Fatlady2 and Angel2 In Blackwood Burst

Fresh from The 2020 Namm Show 👉 The new all-blackwood custom burst models by Cole Clark Guitars 🙌 We are receiving some soon! 😊


Email jordanw@haworthguitars.com.au for more information

Number 5 - Fender Parallel Universe II Jazz Strat

When Jazzmaster meets Stratocaster...

The Fender JAZZ STRAT is another Parallel Universe Vol II model just released at Namm and combines Strat specs with ‘65 single-coil Jazzmaster pickups and a Jazzmaster bridge 😇

Made in the USA and super limited 👌 Send us a message for more info on this gat or for more on the New Parallel Universe range 🌎


Number 6 - PRS Silver Sky

The PRS John Mayer Silver Sky was just released at The Namm Show with a maple fretboard option and new colours 😲 What do you guys reckon? 🧐


Number 7 - Fender Parallel Universe Volume II Maverick Dorado

The Parallel Universe Volume II by Fender has just been released at The Namm Show 🙌 Introducing the Maverick Dorado in Mystic Pine Green 🌲😍

To express your interest in this highly limited new range send us a direct message now 👉

What do you guys think?


Number 8 - Gibson Les Paul Slash Edition

The new Slash range of Gibson’s have just been released at Namm 🤘 This is the Les Paul Vermillion Burst 😍

What do you guys think?

Send us a message for more info on the new range 👉

Email jordanw@haworthguitars.com.au for more information!

Number 9 - Ibanez RG Sparkle

New Ibanez RG’s 🙌 This one is the RG421MSP in Turquoise Sparkle 🌟 😇 Send us a message for more on this guitar and the latest releases from Namm 👉

Would you rock this gat?



Number 10 - Fender Fullerton Ukulele's

The new Fender ukulele range has just been released at the Namm Show 🙌 Which one do you prefer? Strat ?


Or Tele ? 😍




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