Guitar Repairs

Our guitar repairs department has always been a distinguishing feature of Haworth Guitars.

It was started over 30 years ago in the Kiama Downs workshop by Phil Haworth, who is still actively involved in many of the more involved repairs and rare guitar repairs. He is also involved in the ongoing training of our current guitar repairs staff, including Matt Raftery, Aaron Berry, and Ryan Beveridge.

We can look after your acoustic guitar repairs, electric guitar repairs, bass guitar repairs, and even your rare guitar repairs.
Prior to commencing any musical instrument repair work, our repair staff are always happy to discuss with the customer all aspects of the repair to determine the best course of action for the customer and the instrument.

We also recognize the need to keep the customer informed and connected throughout the repair process. We make sure to keep our communication open should any unforeseen issues arise as we begin the repair process.



Instrument Repair Services:

Haworth Guitars offer all aspects of guitar and instrument repairs and, over the years, have built up an extensive skill set in dealing with particularly challenging repair jobs.

With over 60 years of combined experience, there is no repair too tough for our team.

Our musical instrument repairs team have two dedicated repair workshops, with the largest workshop located inside Haworth’s Shellharbour Music Centre, Albion Park Rail.

In this workshop, Phil Haworth, Matt Raftery, and Aaron Berry can tackle any repair job under the sun. The boys look after acoustic guitar repairs, electric guitar repairs, amp repairs, keyboard repairs and any other repair job in between. From a simple re-fret or machine head replacement to a full amp service or delicate tube repair, the team at Haworth Guitars can do it all. 

Rockdog Amplifier Repairs:

Glen Bowker from Rock-Dog Amp Repairs operates out of the same facility and is well-known around the country for his incredible amplifier repair skills and extensive knowledge on pedals, electronics, tube amplifiers and more. Glen is a master of repairs to tube and transistor guitar and bass amps. Also, repairs and mods to electric guitars and basses including pickup replacement and wiring repairs. If Glen can’t fix it, no-one can!

The Haworth Repair Team:

Our musical instrument repairs team also operates a second workshop inside Haworth’s Music Centre Wollongong. It offers a similar repair experience to it’s bigger brother at the Shellharbour Music Centre, but has the bonus of Ryan Beveridge working alongside Aaron Berry for many of the repairs.

Between the two stores, there is no job too big or too small for our highly-experienced guitar repairs team. There is no challenge our team can’t tackle, with few repairers in the world who can match our quality and craftsmanship.

Our musical instrument repairs department appreciates the trust you place in us to repair and care for your prized and much-loved instruments. We will treat your instrument with the utmost care and respect while it is in our care.

Common Musical Instrument Repairs:

Some of the more common repair jobs undertaken at Haworth Guitars are: 

Basic servicing - Including adjusting the action, truss rod/neck, intonation, servicing the electronics, fretboard oiling and conditioning, fret polishing and more.

Fret work – All aspects of fret-work including fret levelling and dressing of the frets, re-frets and individual fret replacement, as well as re-crowning the frets and re-finishing

Re-glues – All aspects of re-glue repair work including neck re-glues, bridge re-glues, replacement and re-glue. Body repairs. 

Replacement of nut and saddle – Replacing nuts and saddles using plastic, tusq or hand-shaping them from bone. 

Electric guitar repairs and pickup replacement - We carry a good range of replacement pickups to suit acoustic and electric guitars and can rewire, replace pots, switches and jacks, add extra switching and circuitry, and more.

The Haworth Guarantee:

Been quoted a better price? We can’t promise that we are the cheapest musical instrument repaisr shop around but we can promise that we are worth it. We take our time and care with every instrument that comes across our workbench to ensure only the absolute best quality and workmanship by us. We have some of the best repair practices in the world and stand by our work. You get a 100% guaranteed by us.

All work is fully guaranteed, we only use top quality replacement parts. We love our work and pride ourselves on the high standard of workmanship that Phil and the repair team insist on.