When it comes to ESP Guitars Australia, Haworth Guitars range the ESP Ltd guitar line in-store and ship anywhere in Australia. Being conveniently located just south of Sydney Haworth Guitars supply ESP Ltd Guitars to Sydney guitar players as well as guitarists from all over Australia. For more information on the ESP Ltd Guitar Range, contact our team at Haworth Guitars today.

ESP Guitars

ESP Ltd Guitars

The ESP Ltd Guitar range spans a wide range of styles and tastes with ESP Ltd guitars ranging from entry-level guitars to intermediate and professional instruments made for the big stage. Here we take a look at the range of ESP Ltd Guitars and some of our most popular models at Haworth Guitars.

ESP Eclipse Guitar

The ESP Ltd Eclipse is one of the most popular ESP Guitars in the range with it’s carved top, single cutaway and a fixed bridge with some models also featuring figured timber tops for that extra flare. The ESP Ltd EC-1000 Guitar is hard to beat with quality timbers, a range of pickup options and an arched-top. The ESP EC-401 Guitar is another classic in the ESP Ltd Eclipse range as well as the EC-256 Guitar and EC-256FM with a flamed maple top. The ESP Ltd EC-10 Eclipse is a great entry-level electric guitar for those shopping on a budget.

ESP M Series

The ESP Ltd M Series Guitars feature that iconic flat slab of timber for the body of the guitar in a classic shape which is comfortable and familiar. The ESP Ltd M-200 Guitar starts off the range with an affordable rock machine featuring 24 frets, LTD by Floyd Rose tremolo and ESP Designed pickups. Another popular guitar in the range is the ESP Ltd M-400 which has a fast-feeling extra-thin U shaped maple neck and Seymour Duncan pickups. The ESP Ltd M-1000 Guitar is a professional guitar with set-thru neck, 24 extra-jumbo frets, Grover tuners and a set of active EMG 81 pickups. Check out the M-1000 Multiscale Guitar for that little bit extra!

ESP Horizon Guitar

The ESP Ltd Horizon Guitar Range features beautifully contoured body shapes, high-grade timbers, and powerful pickups. The ESP Horizon range starts at the ESP Ltd H-200FM with a stunning flame maple top, set-neck for strength and sustain and a set of high-gain ESP designed humbucker pickups. The ESP Ltd H-400 and H-401M come with a mahogany body, a set-thru neck construction, Grover tuners and a set of Seymour Duncan Jazz and Custom 5 pickups. At the top of the ESP Ltd Horizon range is the H-1001 Guitar with a stunning quilted maple top, 24 extra-jumbo frets, LTD locking machine heads and a pair of Seymour Duncan Sentient and Pegasus pickups. For all the 7-string fans out there check out the ESP Ltd H-1007 Guitar and if you like a Floyd Rose tremolo take a look at the ESP Ltd H-1001FR Guitar. Left-handed options are also available.

Capping off the ESP Ltd Horizon range is the ESP Ltd H3-1000 Guitar with its sexy body contours, set-thru neck design, mahogany body with a flamed maple top, Macassar ebony fretboard and a set of Seymour Duncan Jazz and Custom 5 pickups.

ESP MH Series

The ESP Ltd MH Series Guitars takes the ESP Horizon body shape and arched top and combines it with features similar to the M Series. The ESP Ltd MH-200 Guitar is a great one to start with for the intermediate player before moving up to the ESP MH-400 which includes Seymour Duncan pickups and a Floyd Rose Special Tremolo. The ESP Ltd MH-1000 Guitar is for the professional guitarist with LTD Locking machine heads, Seymour Duncan pickups, figured maple top and set-thru neck. Check out the MH-1007 Guitar for the 7-string fans.

ESP Viper Guitar

The ESP Ltd Viper Guitar Range brings with it that classic offset double-cut body, hardtail bridge, and powerful pickups. The ESP Ltd Viper-10 Guitar is a great entry-level guitar followed by the Viper-201B. The ESP Ltd Viper-256 Guitar raises the bar with a mahogany body, strong and sturdy set-neck build design and a set of high-output ESP designed pickups. The ESP Ltd Viper-400 guitar adds a pair of Seymour Duncan pickups for that extra beef and the ESP Ltd Viper-7 Baritone 7-string Guitar takes it up to the professional level with mahogany neck and body, thru-neck construction, LTD locking tuners, a 27-inch scale length and a Seymour Duncan Blackened Black Winter bridge pickup.

ESP Arrow Guitar

The ESP Ltd Arrow Guitar range has a loud body shape which stands out from the rest. The ESP Ltd Arrow-200 Guitar starts off the range with ESP Designed pickups, LTD by Floyd Rose trem, 24 X-jumbo frets, and a sturdy set-neck construction. The ESP Arrow-401 raises the bar with a set of active EMG 81 and 85 pickups, Floyd Rose Special tremolo and mahogany body while the ESP Ltd Arrow-1000 Guitar is built with a neck-thru joint and comes fitted with a Floyd Rose 1000SCE Tremolo Bridge. Check out the ESP Ltd Arrow Black Metal for something extra mean.

ESP EX Series

The ESP Ltd EX Series is only for the bold. With a body shape that can poke an eye out, the ESP Ltd EX-200 Guitar comes with a mahogany body, 22 extra-jumbo frets and a set of ESP designed LH-150 humbucker pickups. Setting up the range we have the ESP Ltd EX-401 Guitar with set-thru neck, thin-U 3-piece maple neck, Grover tuners and a set of active EMG 60 and 81 pickups.

ESP F-Series and FRX-Series

The ESP Ltd F-Series Guitars take on a beastly body shape iconic to this particular model. The ESP Ltd F-10 is a fantastic entry-level model with the F-200FR featuring an LTD by Floyd Rose tremolo and 24 extra-jumbo frets. The ESP Ltd FRX-400 adds in impressive body contours on a mahogany body as well as a set-thru neck design, Grover tuners and active EMG 60 and 81 pickups. Check out the ESP Ltd FRX-407 Guitar if you’re a fan of 7-strings!

ESP TE Guitar

The ESP Ltd TE Guitar Range hots up a classic shape with powerful features including hot-sounding pickups, fast-feeling necks, and quality hardware. The ESP Ltd TE-200 features a mahogany body, thin U maple neck, 24 extra-jumbo frets and a set of high-gain ESP Designed LH-150 humbucker pickups with the left-handed TE-200 LH model available also. The ESP Ltd TE-254 Distressed Guitar looks just like classic guitars from yesteryear should with character marks all over while the ESP Ltd TE-401 brings a very modern feel to it with its active EMG 60 and 81 pickups and black satin finish. The ESP Ltd TE-1000 Evertune is a professional piece of gear with its flame maple top, ebony fretboard, LTD locking tuners and set of active EMG 66TW and 57TW pickups with coil-split.

ESP SN Guitar

The ESP Ltd SN Guitar is a versatile guitar series with a classic look and feel. The ESP Ltd SN-200HT with hardtail and SN-200FR with Floyd Rose offer a wide range of tonal options with an ESP-designed single, single, humbucker pickup configuration while the ESP Ltd SN-1000HT Guitar adds in an extra level of quality with LTD locking tuners, a Hipshot bridge and a set of Seymour Duncan Sentient and Pegasus pickups. Check out the ESP LTD SN-1000FR for an added Floyd Rose 1000SCE Tremolo Bridge.

ESP X-tone Guitar

The ESP Ltd X-tone Guitar Range brings with it a certain style and flair like no other with it’s offset semi-hollow body shape and unique finishes. The ESP Ltd PS-1 X-tone Guitar has a mahogany body, 22 extra-jumbo frets and big block fretboard inlays, as well as a set of ESP, designed LH-150 humbucker pickups while the ESP Ltd PS-1000 X-tone Guitar provides an extra level of quality and class with its set-thru neck design, stunning figured top, LTD locking tuners and a set of Seymour Duncan Phat Cat pickups.

ESP TL Thinline Guitar

The ESP Ltd TL Thinline Guitars take the classic Thinline guitar design and add a contemporary feel to it only ESP can do. The ESP Ltd TL-6 Guitar has a strong acoustic feel with its acoustic bridge design and Fishman Sonicore pickup system. The ESP Ltd TL-12 adds extra sparkle with its 12-string design and the TL-6 LH is a great option for lefty guitar players.

ESP EC-1 Traveler Guitar

The ESP Ltd EC-1 Traveler Guitar is designed in conjunction with Traveler Guitar USA and offers a full-scale length electric guitar in a smaller and more compact body shape and neck design. The beauty of the ESP Ltd EC-1 Traveler Guitar is that not only can you take it virtually anywhere but it also uses standard strings which makes it super easy to change strings!

ESP Ltd Bass Guitars

The ESP Ltd Bass Guitar Selection is quite broad and covers multiple genres and price-points. The ESP Ltd Stream Bass brings with it a unique body shape and headstock design with stunning Swamp Ash and Burled Maple timbers available in the ESP Ltd Stream-1004 and 1005 Bass models. The ESP Ltd B-Series Bass Guitars cover from entry-level to professional starting with the Ltd B-10 and B-15 Bass Guitars and ranging through the Ltd B-204, B-205 5-string, B-206 6-string and B-208 8-string Bass models as well as the ESP Ltd B-4E, B-5E, B-1004 and B-1005 professional bass guitars with a multiscale option available as the B-1004 multi-scale.

The ESP Ltd AP Bass Range is a classic rock machine and offers excellent beginner to intermediate models as the Ltd AP-204 Bass models and moving onto the Ltd AP-4 and AP-5 models. The ESP Ltd D-Series Bass Guitars offer thru-neck quality construction with the ESP Ltd D-4 and D-5 Bass Guitar models while the ESP Ltd F-Series Bass Range brings that beastly iconic look with the Ltd F-204, F-205 5-string, F-4E Mahogany, F-5E 5-string Mahogany, and F-415FM Flame Maple Bass Guitar models.

The ESP Ltd GB-4 Bass Guitar has a classic retro feel with its classic body shape and neck design while the ESP Ltd RB-1004SM and RB-1005SM scream quality and professionalism with stunning spalted maple tops on swamp ash bodies. For something a little different check out the ESP Ltd TL-5SM Thinline Bass Guitar!

For more information on our range of ESP Ltd Guitars and Basses contact our team at Haworth Guitars today or pop in and visit our stores!