Marshall is one of the most iconic names in guitar amplifier history. With their classic British tone and signature sound, they have been one of the world’s most popular amp brands for decades. Since Jim Marshall started building Marshall Amps back in 1962 they have been the amp of choice for many famous guitarists such as Slash, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, and Oasis just to name a few.

Haworth Guitars has been a trusted supplier of Marshall Amps in Australia for many years now with both our Shellharbour and Wollongong guitar stores stocking all kinds of Marshall Amps for sale. Our guitar stores are located just south of Sydney NSW Australia and are authorized sellers of Marshall Amps with a full manufacturer's warranty issued with every amplifier sold.

Our online store at Haworth Guitars has the full range of Marshall Amplifiers with shipping available all across Australia. Let’s take a quick look at some of the key models in the Marshall Amp range…

Marshall MS-4 Micro Stack (Double)


$99.00 $80.00

Marshall 1959HW Handwired Cover


$39.00 $32.00

Marshall 1960AHW Handwired Cover


$79.00 $64.00

Marshall Code 412 4x12 Speaker Cab


$629.00 $504.00

Marshall Code 100H 100W Head Head


$769.00 $616.00

Haworth Guitars And Amplifiers

Marshall JCM800

The Marshall JCM800 amplifier is one of the all-time greats when it comes to British tube amps. That iconic overdrive tone is heard on many albums and the Marshall JCM800 rig has been seen at countless live shows all over the world. The Marshall JCM800 is now available in the Marshall Studio Classic Amp which is a compact series by Marshall…


Marshall Studio Classic JCM800

Available in both head and combo versions, the Marshall Studio Classic JCM800 is a 20-watt tube amplifier with that same JCM800 look and tone that we all know and love but in a smaller size. Also, available in the Marshall Studio ranges are the Marshall Studio Jubilee Amps and the Marshall Studio Vintage Amps. Both well worth checking out, particularly if you’re a die-hard Marshall fan.


Marshall Origin Amp

The Marshall Origin Amp is available in the Origin 5 or the Origin 20 Amp with both Head and Combo options available. The Marshall Origin Amp range is an all-valve amp with a full-grill cloth front and top-mounted controls. The Origin amp offers dual voices, Powerstem technology, and tilt control.


Marshall DSL Amp

The Marshall DSL40C Amp is one of the most popular amps for sale here at Haworth Guitars with its 40 watts of raw tube power combined with shimmering reverb effects as well as power reduction options and two channels. The Marshall DSL Amp is also available in other sizes as well as Head and Combo options.


Marshall JVM Amp

The Marshall JVM410H Head is one of the most popular heads in the Marshall JVM amp range and features 100 watts of power with four independent channels as well as a digital reverb and a six-channel footswitch. The Marshall JVM Amp is a powerful beast used by many professional guitarists around the globe.


Marshall Code Amp

The Marshall Code is a digital amp which can help to improve playing skills with it’s connectivity to MyMarshall and Marshall Gateway. The Marshall Code Amp offers a wide range of in-built effects with next-level software so that you can achieve virtually any guitar tone you desire.


Marshall Handwired Amp

The Marshall 1959HW and the Marshall 1974X Handwired Amps provide that original Marshall tone with the same type of building techniques that the Marshalls of the 60s and 70s used at the time. For that authentic Marshall tone, the Handwired Series could be what you’re looking for.


Marshall MG Gold Amp

The Marshall MG Gold Amp makes jamming fun with its plug-in-and-play design. The Marshall MG Code Amps have crispy clean tones alongside dirty distortion tones and range from the tiny MG10 up to the MG102FX.


Marshall Acoustic AS50D and AS100D Amps

The Marshall Acoustic Amp brings shimmer and shines to your acoustic guitar with its built-in effects ranging from different reverb types to chorus, flange, delay and other kinds of modulation. Having two channels is also a massive plus with microphone inputs as well as the instrument. Choose between the Marshall AS50D or slightly larger AS100D Acoustic Amps.


Marshall Micro Amp

The Marshall Micro Amp is a 1-watt mini-amplifier designed to be taken anywhere and everywhere. The half stack Marshall MS-2 and the full-stack Marshall MS-4 are battery-powered and pack a surprisingly big punch for their size!


That concludes Haworth’s brief rundown on the Marshall Amp range. If you need more help deciding on which Marshall Amp is right for you then please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly staff at Haworth Guitars for more information.