Roland opens hybrid drumming up to the masses with the TM-1

Roland opens hybrid drumming up to the masses with the TM-1

February 21, 2019

NAMM 2019: Roland has been banging the hybrid drum for some time now, with plenty of players embracing new technology to combine electronic and acoustic drums to great effect. Some drummers still think the technology is out of reach and too expensive. Until now…

The TM-1 is the newest addition to Roland’s vast hybrid drumming arsenal, and is aimed squarely at drummers yet to dabble in the hybrid world, but who want to bring a wider range of sounds to their performances.

The small trigger module features a pair of mono inputs (which can also be used for one stereo pad) for expanding your acoustic drum kit with pads or triggers. As a result you can enhance your acoustic drum sound by layering electronic sounds or expanding the range of sounds at your disposal.

The TM-1 comes preloaded with a range of sounds - expect the usual 808 sounds, hand claps and percussion - meaning you can get going straight away. If you’d prefer to add your own sounds, like a snare sample from your band’s latest album for example, you can manage and add your own using Roland’s Wave Editor software for PC, Mac, iOS and Android.

Sounds can be enhanced further via Pitch, Decay and Sensitivity controls on the module itself.

Control of the floor-friendly unit comes via a pair of footswitches which enable you to select or mute your sounds with ease. Particularly handy for making changes on the fly during a gig.

With a suggested retail price of $159,  the TM-1 certainly represents an affordable route into the hybrid drumming world.

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