January 24, 2019

HOLLYWOOD, CALIF. (JANUARY 22, 2019)—Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC) today disclosed the first in another age of American-made acoustic guitars. Named the American Acoustasonic Series Telecaster, this ground-breaking guitar encapsulates the soul of deliberate development that Fender was based on. From acoustic shape-moving to strong electric tones, the Acoustasonic Telecaster guitar is acoustic, electric and everything in the middle – opening differing sonic articulation from the studio to the stage. High-quality manufacturing in Corona, California, at a similar production line where Fender's notorious electric instruments are made, the Acoustasonic Telecaster speaks to the following period in Fender craftsmanship and advancement – intended for courageous specialists who need a motivating instrument with an assorted arrangement of sounds and Fender's mark feel.

In front of an audience, acoustic guitars have a few characteristics that attract spectators. To maintain a strategic distance from numerous instrument changes, craftsmen regularly need to pick one guitar for each tune or use back-up guitarists to layer various parts. The Acoustasonic Telecaster disposes of a significant number of the difficulties related with playing an acoustic guitar live by removing input and making it simple to get to electric and acoustic tones without exchanging instruments.
“Three years ago, we set out to create a truly innovative acoustic guitar,” said Billy Martinez, Fender VP Category Manager, Acoustic and Squier Divisions. “This allowed us to create an entirely new instrument that blurs the lines between acoustic and electric guitars, giving artists multiple acoustic body shape and wood tones, as well as great electric tones, at their fingertips. The result is an amazing acoustic guitar that melds the best of both the analog and digital worlds.”
Elegantly simple, the Acoustasonic Telecaster was designed to inspire – mixing future technology with organic acoustic feel and Fender electric playability. The body features an integrated forearm contour and our patent-pending Stringed Instrument Resonance System (SIRS), which delivers a naturally loud voice with lively harmonics. A smooth-playing mahogany neck and open-pore satin finish make this cutting-edge guitar comfortable and easy to play.
“Our objective was to develop an acoustic guitar for contemporary artists,” said Andy Mooney, Fender CEO. “The end result of our three-year R&D exploration met all these criteria and exceeded our most optimistic expectations with the launch of the American Acoustasonic Series.”
“If the American Acoustasonic were a car, it would be a high-performance SUV,” he added. “It is not just a state-of-the-art acoustic guitar that sounds great on stage – it’s a state-of-the-art electric guitar that sounds great on stage. That’s a challenge Fender was proud to take on.”
The $1,999.99 Acoustasonic Telecaster is powered by the Fender and Fishman®-designed Acoustic Engine – a proprietary blend of classic analog and future technologies that optimizes the guitar’s natural sound, and then modifies the resonance to deliver a curated collection of voices. These acoustic and electric voices can be played solo or blended via the Mod Knob to create new sounds. They can also be used simultaneously, courtesy of the Fender Acoustasonic Noiseless™ magnetic pickup.
The Acoustasonic series will provide artists with an unparalleled sonic palette that helps them conveniently and affordably explore countless guitar tones and creative expression like never before.
“We are proud to have an American-made acoustic guitar of this caliber coming from our world class factory in Corona, California. This will pave the way for future growth of Fender Acoustics as we continue to push the boundaries of true sonic innovation,” added Martinez.
○     The fully hollow Telecaster-inspired body is naturally loud and resonant with plenty of projection, meaning the guitar sounds as great on your lap as it does live on stage.
○     The Fender and Fishman-designed Acoustic Engine powers the Acoustasonic Telecaster and delivers a curated collection of acoustic and electric voices.
○     Designed for authentic hum-free Fender electric tone, this magnetic pickup can be played solo or blended with an acoustic voice to create new sounds.
○     The mahogany Telecaster neck with ebony fingerboard offers a familiar playing feel and adds warmth to the guitar’s tone.
○     The patent-pending Stringed Instrument Resonance System (SIRS), inlaid top and modern electronics were created expressly for this instrument and designed to deliver a naturally loud voice with lively harmonics.
○     This state-of-the-art guitar is crafted in Corona, Calif., at the same factory as our iconic electric instruments.
○     The American Acoustasonic Telecaster comes in Natural, Black, Sonic Gray, Surf Green and Sunburst.

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