Do Music Lessons Actually Make You Smarter?

Do Music Lessons Actually Make You Smarter?

June 4, 2019

How guitar and music lessons can provide key benefits to your health and well-being

Whether you’re a child or adult, learning the guitar or other musical instrument can provide many key benefits but did you know that it can actually make you smarter? In this article we take a deeper look into how Guitar Lessons, Drum Lessons, Keyboard Lessons, Singing Lessons and Music Lessons in general impact our brain power and overall well-being.


Music Lessons for Kids

Being a parent can sometimes be challenging knowing what to prioritize when it comes to your child’s physical and mental health. As a parent myself, I often find it overwhelming deciding how much focus should be put on sports vs reading vs screen time vs music etc. But one thing I’m sure we can all agree on is that brain development in the younger years of your child’s life is critical to help set them up for a bright future.

Did you know that if a child is to Learn Guitar, the Guitar Lessons can actually make them smarter?

Studies show that students who actively Learn Guitar or take part in Music Lessons in general are more likely to achieve better results in school. This is because Music Lessons physically develops the left side of the brain which is the part of the brain responsible for language.


Music Lessons for Adults

These days we spend much of our time prioritizing things other than our own mental health and well-being but did you know that by Learning the Guitar for just one hour a week there can be major benefits both mentally and physically to our health.

Don’t take our word for it. Lutz Jancke a Psychologist at the University of Zurich conducted a study where de discovered that adults, even those aged 65 and over had strong positive changes in the brain when they played guitar or another musical instrument for just an hour per week.

He also discovered that the parts of the brain that control hearing, memory and the function of the hands all become more active with music lessons and that the architecture of the brain actually changes when we learn guitar.


Continuing the Study…

Lutz also found that regular active Music Lessons can actually increase the IQ by seven points both in children and adults. So it has been proven that to Learn Guitar or Music in general can acutally make us smarter!


Additional Benefits

So now we know that learning to play a musical instrument can actually make us smarter, what are the other key benefits that we can associate with music lessons?

Well according to our research, Learning the Guitar or another musical instrument can provide the following key benefits to our health and well being both in children and adults:

  • Boosts Self-Confidence
  • Relives Stress
  • Sparks Creativity
  • Improves Social Skills
  • Increases Resilience
  • Improves Self-Expression


In Conclusion

For simplicity sake we have included just a few key benefits to learning a musical instrument but there are far more benefits to Learning Guitar, Keyboard, Drums, Singing and more, there were simply too many to list.

One of the most incredible things that we discovered is that learning music actually helps to make sure smarter! So put down that book and pick up a guitar!

And remember whether you’re young or old, an expert or just a beginner, learning music doesn’t need to stop, no matter where you are in life. The benefits are so great that NOW is always a good time to learn.

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