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TAMA S.L.P 14x10 Duo Birch Snare Drum LBH1410L

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TAMA S.L.P 14x10 Duo Birch Snare Drum LBH1410L

New ideas are often conceived by combining a few existing ideas into something fresh and exciting. The Duo Birch Snare drum from Tama’s S.L.P. range was born just that way. This very unique 14x10 inch drum features an all-Birch shell, equipped with snare wires on the bottom head and 3 floor tom legs for mounting. The result? It can be used either as a floor tom or snare drum in any drum kit setup, simply by switching the wires on or off. Regardless of whether it is being used as a tom or snare drum, the Duo Birch offers a unique sound to you playing due to the size and specs of the drum, allowing drummers to explore ideas and create new patterns and fills they might never have considered with traditional setups. Oxygen Music is proud to stock a wide range of TAMA products, including the S.L.P. 14x10 Inch Duo Birch Snare Drum LBH1410L.