Yamaha Guitars build quality instruments with a growing reputation in the music industry. From Yamaha Classical Guitars to Yamaha Acoustic Guitars and Yamaha Bass Guitars, the range is impressive with each model offering something different.

At Haworth Guitars we stock the range of Yamaha Guitars and Basses across both our stores and online. We also setup our Yamaha Guitars before the customer receives them so that every guitar arrives feeling and sounding just as it should.

For the range of Yamaha Guitars and Basses we offer at Haworth’s, check out our website or drop into one of our stores to speak with our friendly staff.

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Yamaha JR2 Acoustic Guitar


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Yamaha L125B Stand For P125B Black


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Yamaha L2C Stand


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Yamaha HPH50B Headphones


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Yamaha GL1 Guitalele


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Yamaha NP-12 Portable Keyboard


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Yamaha Guitars Australia

When it comes to Yamaha Guitars Australia wide, Haworth’s have it covered with our Yamaha Guitars being delivered all over the country from Tasmania to Darwin and everywhere in between.

With multiple locations, here at Haworth Guitars we have a different range of Yamaha Guitars and Bass Guitars in each store as well as a more extensive range on our website, in fact we have one of the best ranges of Yamaha Guitars in Australia.

So for Yamaha Guitars in Australia, Haworth’s will look after you whether you’re looking at a new Yamaha Classical, Steel-String, Bass Guitar or Electric Guitar. For more information on the Yamaha Guitar range at Haworth’s contact our team today.


Yamaha Guitars Sydney

For Yamaha Guitars in Sydney our two locations in Wollongong and Shellharbour are a short trip from the Sydney CBD. At Haworth’s, we have a great customer base when it comes to Yamaha Guitars in the greater Sydney area with many customers making the trip south of Sydney to come and see our Yamaha Guitars and Basses for themselves.

We also make sure to setup every Yamaha Guitar and Bass personally before our customers take the instrument home to make sure it suits their playing style and personal preferences. So in you live in Sydney and are looking for a new Yamaha Guitar come and see us at one of our two locations just south of Sydney. If you need help finding us please don’t hesitate to contact us so we can help.


Yamaha Acoustic Guitars

The Yamaha Acoustic Guitar Range covers nylon-string guitars as well as acoustic steel-string guitars, bass guitars, travel guitars and even silent guitars! No matter what Yamaha Acoustic Guitar you choose, one thing is for sure and that’s the fact that Yamaha Acoustic Guitars are quality instruments. This is one of the main things we love about Yamaha Acoustic Guitars here at Haworth’s and that’s the quality and care that goes into building these instruments.


Yamaha Travel Guitar and CSF Guitar

The Yamaha JR2 Acoustic Guitar as well as the Yamaha APXT2 and APXT2EW Guitars are fantastic travel-sized acoustic guitars in the Yamaha range. These guitars combine shorter-scale-length designs with tighter body shapes and finer features to make them easy to play for smaller guitarists and easy to take on the road.

The Yamaha CSF3M and CSF1M Guitars provide an amazingly big sound from a smaller-bodied guitar with a bright sound also ideal for fingerpicking.


Yamaha APX and CPX Acoustic Guitar

The Yamaha APX and CPX Guitar range are easy to handle with thin body shapes and comfortable neck profiles. The Yamaha APX600 Guitar as well as the APX600FM Guitar has a tight and bright body with pickup and cutaway. The Yamaha CPX600 guitar has a slightly larger body shape for added bottom-end and also offers a pickup and cutaway design.


Yamaha FG and FGX Acoustic Guitar

The Yamaha FG and FGX Guitars are full-sized dreadnought acoustics with a big bold sound both acoustically and amplified. One Popular model in the FG and FGX range is the Yamaha FGX720SCA Guitar which is great for both beginner and more experienced guitar players alike.


Yamaha L Series Guitar

The Yamaha L Series Acoustic Guitar is a shining example of Yamaha’s superior craftsmanship when it comes to acoustic guitars. The Yamaha LS6 ARE Guitar for example boasts a solid Engelmann spruce top with rosewood back and sides and Yamaha’s SRT Zero Impact pickup system. The Yamaha LS16 ARE adds solid rosewood back and sides for an even better tone.


Yamaha A Series Guitar

The Yamaha A Series acoustic guitars are high-quality steel-string acoustic guitars with features such as quality tone-woods, scalloped bracing and high comfort neck profiles. Popular models in the Yamaha A Series include the Yamaha A3R ARE Guitar with solid rosewood back and sides and a solid spruce top as well as the Yamaha AC3R ARE which is the concert body shaped version.

The Yamaha A1M and AC1M Guitars combine solid spruce tops with mahogany back and sides while the Yamaha A1R and AC1R Guitars combine solid spruce with rosewood back and sides.


Yamaha TransAcoustic Guitar

The Yamaha TransAcoustic Guitar is a truly ground-breaking acoustic guitar model by Yamaha. In each Yamaha Trans-Acoustic Guitar is an amazing acoustic reverb and chorus effect which adds an extra dimension to the guitar’s acoustic tone.

Popular models in the Yamaha Trans-Acoustic Guitar range include the Yamaha CSF-TA Guitar, Yamaha CG-TA Classical Guitar, Yamaha FG-TA and FS-TA Guitars as well as the Yamaha LL-TA and LS-TA TransAcoustic Guitars.


Yamaha Electric Guitars

The Yamaha Electric Guitar range consists of some timeless models combined with the more contemporary guitars designed for the modern era. Either way you look at it, Yamaha Electric Guitars rock!

The Yamaha Electric Guitar range consists of the Revstar Series, SBG Series, Hollowbody Series, Pacifica Series and the Signature Series. Let’s take a look at each series in the Yamaha Electric Guitar catalogue.


Yamaha Revstar Guitar

The Yamaha Revstar Guitar is a classic rock machine which was designed with classic 1960s racer bikes in mind. These guitars by Yamaha feature custom-wound pickups designed for each model in the range as well as a coil-splitting ‘dry-switch’ and custom hardware.

Popular models in the Yamaha Revstar Guitar Range include the Yamaha RS320 Revstar, Yamaha RS420 Revstar, Yamaha RS502 Revstar and the Yamaha RS620 Revstar.


Yamaha SBG Guitar

The Yamaha SBG Guitar is a high-grade SG rock machine and was first released in the 1970s. These SBG guitars are highly spec’d and ready to rock with hot models including the Yamaha SBG1802 Guitar, Yamaha SBG1820 Guitar and Yamaha SBG1820A Guitar


Yamaha Pacifica Guitar

The Yamaha Pacifica Guitar is a versatile instrument with tones ranging from spanky clean to hot and heavy. The Yamaha Pacifica also ranges from entry-level instruments up to intermediate and professional levels.

The Yamaha Pacifica PAC012 and PAC112 Electric Guitars are great for the beginner guitar player while models such as the Yamaha Pacifica PAC212, Pacifica PAC311, Pacifica PAC502, Pacifica PAC510 and Pacifica PAC611 and PAC612 move towards a more professional standard.


Yamaha Hollowbody Guitar

The Yamaha Hollowbody Guitar line up is an impressive one even though there are only a few in the range. These hollow-body arch-top guitars are some of the finest on the market with high-quality timbers and hardware as well as powerful pickups and comfortable neck profiles.

Popular models in the Yamaha hollow-body guitar range include the Yamaha SA2200 Guitar, Yamaha AES1500 Guitar and the Yamaha AES1500B Guitar.


Yamaha Classical Guitars

The Yamaha Classical Guitar is regarded almost as an industry-standard in the classical music scene with Yamaha’s nylon-stringed guitars some of the most popular guitars in the world for classical music.

The Yamaha Classical Guitar Range spans from entry-level beginner nylon-string guitars to higher grade classical guitars designed for the big stage. Below we take a look through the range of Yamaha Classical Guitars available.


Yamaha C40 and CS40 Beginner Guitar

The Yamaha C40 Classical Guitar is one of the most popular nylon-stringed acoustic guitars on the market today with it’s affordable price-point and sturdy construction. The Yamaha C40II Guitar is popular in schools and for student guitarists.

The Yamaha CS40 Guitar is a great ¾ size nylon-string guitar specially designed for smaller guitar players. The Yamaha CS40II Guitar is an affordable entry-level student guitar with a shorter scale length making it easy to play for young beginners.


Yamaha Guitalele

The Yamaha Guitalele is a ukulele-sized 6-string nylon-string guitar which is great for beginners and guitarists on the move. The travel-sized Yamaha Guitalele is designed to be played like a guitar but in the size of a uke!


Yamaha CG and CGX Classical Guitar

The Yamaha CG Classical Guitar series ranges from entry-level to more professional guitars with quality Yamaha craftsmanship across the entire range. Popular models in the Yamaha CG Classical Guitar range include the Yamaha CG102 Guitar, Yamaha CG122 Guitar, Yamaha CG142 Guitar, Yamaha CG162 Guitar, Yamaha CG172 Guitar and Yamaha CG182 Classical Guitar.

The Yamaha CGX Classical Guitar series includes electronics with each guitar making these particular Yamaha nylon-string guitars great for live use and recording. Popular models in the Yamaha CGX Guitar line-up include the Yamaha CGX102 Guitar and Yamaha CGX122 Guitar.


Yamaha GC and GCX Classical Guitar

The Yamaha GC and GCX Classical Guitar Range is another step up from the norm with only the finest tonewoods used in these guitars along with the best craftsmanship available today.

Popular models in the Yamaha GC and GCX Guitar range include the Yamaha GC12C and G12S Guitars as well as the Yamaha GC22C and GC22S Guitars.


Yamaha NX Classical Guitar

The Yamaha NX Classical Guitar line-up brings a contemporary feel to the NX Guitar with two main series, the Yamaha NCX Classical Guitar and the Yamaha NTX Classical Guitar. The NCX Guitar has traditional classical neck shapes and body thicknesses while the NTX has a thinner neck and slimmer body.

Popular models in the Yamaha NCX Guitar range include the Yamaha NCX700 Guitar, Yamaha NCX900 Guitar and NCX1200 Guitar.

Hot models in the Yamaha NTX guitar line-up include the Yamaha NTX500 Guitar, Yamaha NTX700 Guitar, Yamaha NTX900 Guitar and Yamaha NTX1200 Guitar.


Yamaha Bass Guitars

Yamaha Bass Guitars are some of the world’s most popular bass guitars with impressive 4-string and 5-string bass guitars across the range. For beginners, Yamaha Bass Guitars have some great entry-level options available which are good quality at an affordable price. The Yamaha Bass Guitar range also caters for intermediate and professional bassists with improved build-quality, playability and tone on their higher-end models.

So whatever your style, taste or budget, the Yamaha Bass Guitar range has something for every bass player. Let’s take a quick look at some of the stand-outs in the Yamaha Bass range.


Yamaha BB Bass Guitar

The Yamaha BB Bass Guitar has been the bass of choice since the 1970s for bassists such as Billy Sheehan and Nathan East and is still just as popular today amongst both professional and weekend-warrior bass players.

With custom-wound pickups, alder/maple bodies and high-quality hardware, the Yamaha BB Bass Guitar is built for the stage

Popular models in the 200 series include the Yamaha BB234 Bass and the Yamaha BB235 5-string Bass Guitar. The 400 series offers a step up with models such as the Yamaha BB434 Bass and Yamaha 435 5-string Bass. The 700 series is a further step up and is regarded as a real work-horse bass guitar with models such as the Yamaha BB734A Bass and Yamaha BB735A 5-string Bass making a statement.

The Pro Series BB Bass Guitar is designed with the professional bassist in mind with each model Made in Japan including the Yamaha BBP34 Bass Guitar and the Yamaha BBP35 Bass Guitar.


Yamaha RBX and TRBX Bass Guitar

The Yamaha RBX Bass Guitar is an awesome entry-level bass guitar made with quality in mind but while keeping the price down at the same time. Great for student bass players and schools, the Yamaha RBX170 and RBX170EW Bass Guitars offer incredible value to the end user.

The Yamaha TRBX Bass Guitar range is a further step up from the RBX range and offers better quality pickups, hardware and timbers meaning that basses in this range look, feel and sound great.

Popular models in the Yamaha TRBX Bass range include the Yamaha TRBX174 Bass, Yamaha TRBX204 Bass, Yamaha TRBX305 5-string Bass, Yamaha TRBX304 Bass, Yamaha TRBX505 5-string Bass,  Yamaha TRBX504 Bass, Yamaha TRBX604FM Flame Maple Bass and the 5-string version TRBX605FM.

Yamaha also offer signature bass guitar models in their bass range as well with some very impressive artist models available. To find out more about the range of Yamaha Bass Guitars available at Haworth Guitars, contact our team today.


Yamaha Silent Guitar

The Yamaha Silent Guitar is a revolutionary guitar by Yamaha Guitars. It’s unique body shape feels comfortable to play and light as a feather making it ideal for travelling and live performances. The Yamaha Silent Guitar comes equipped with the Yamaha SRT active pickup system which sounds crisp and clear with built-in effects too.

Popular models in the Yamaha Silent Guitar range include the Yamaha SLG200N Nylon-String Classical Silent Guitar, the SLG200NW Classical Guitar and the Yamaha SLG200S Steel-String Silent Guitar.

For more information on the Yamaha Silent Guitar contact our friendly team at Haworth Guitars.


Yamaha Digital Piano Sydney

When it comes to Yamaha Digital Piano’s in Sydney and abroad, our stores at Haworth’s Music are conveniently located just south of the Sydney CBD. At Haworth’s we stock the key models in the Yamaha Digital Piano range and offer a great selection for Sydney musicians.

Our store Haworth’s Music Centre Wollongong stocks the range of Yamaha Digital Piano’s and is under one hour from Sydney’s CBD while our Haworth’s Shellharbour Music Centre store also stocks the range of Yamaha Digital Pianos.

So if you’re located in the Sydney region and you’re interested in a Yamaha Digital Piano contact one of our friendly team members at Haworth’s today.


Yamaha Digital Piano

The Yamaha Digital Piano range is nothing short of world-class and has been a known and trusted brand by countless professional musicians over the years who stand by their Yamaha Digital Piano.

Yamaha Digital Piano’s have a certain tone and feel which make them so incredibly popular from the beginner to advanced musician and suit any style and budget. Let’s take a look at some of Yamaha’s range of Digital Pianos


Yamaha Arius YDP Digital Piano

The Yamaha Arius YDP Digital Piano is a world-class digital piano by Yamaha and is one of the most popular pianos on the market today. Popular models such as the YDP-144 features a GHS keyboard along with Yamaha’s CFX grand piano sound while the YDP-164 comes standard with the GH3 keyboard as well as the CFX sample.


Yamaha P-45 and P-125 Digital Piano

The Yamaha P Series Keyboards provide high-class sounds with an authentic piano feel and a unique slim design which makes these digital piano’s extremely portable.

The Yamaha P-45 Digital Piano is one of the most popular models in Yamaha’s keyboard range and offers an authentic feel with quality speakers at an affordable price while the Yamaha P-125 Digital Piano is a further step up from the P-45.


Yamaha Portable Grand Piano

The Yamaha DGX-660 is a popular model in the Yamaha keyboard range and offers an incredibly modern design with a long list of sounds and features suitable for virtually any type of pianist.


Yamaha PSR-E263, PSR-E363 and PSR-E463 Arranger Keyboard

The Yamaha PSR Keyboard Range covers three fundamental models ranging from the Yamaha PSR-E263 Keyboard which is suitable for beginner players, and then onto the Yamaha PSR-E363 Keyboard which offers more sounds and features while the PSR-E463 is the most advanced in the Yamaha PSR range.