Vox Amplification

Vox amplifiers have been building guitar amps for over 60 years now and are some of the most well-known guitar amps in the world. Vox amps have a classic British tone with both clean and overdrive sounds being heard from some of the biggest guitarists in the world over many decades.

Vox Amps in Australia can be found in both Haworth Guitars stores located just south of Sydney in Wollongong and Shellharbour with the full range also available on our website. At Haworth Guitars we offer shipping Australia wide on the range of Vox Amps, which also comes with the full manufacturer’s warranty when you buy Vox online or in-store from us.

Haworth Guitars and Vox Amplifiers

Vox AC30 Amp

The Vox AC30 Amplifier is one of the most popular tube amplifiers on the planet. With its classic British clean tone combined with smooth overdrive, the Vox AC30 is 30-watts of pure EL84 tube tone. Combine that with Celestion speaker technology and you’ve got a match made in British heaven.


Vox AC15 Amp

The Vox AC15 Amp is a 15-watt version of the famous Vox AC30 and offers the opportunity to be cranked up in smaller venues to bring out that driven-tube tone that little bit easier than it’s bigger brother.


Vox AC10 Amp

The Vox AC10 Amplifier is perfect for smaller gigs and even some bedroom jams with it’s smaller build and 10-watt power rating. The Vox AC10 amp is such a portable little combo but with a big punch!


Vox Amplug 2

The Vox Amplug is the perfect practice tool to help build your guitar playing skills no matter where you are. The Vox Amplug simply plugs directly into your guitar and offers controls such as EQ and Drive to customize your tone. Plugin your headphones and you’re away. The Vox Amplug 2 offers models in AC30, Classic Rock, Metal, Bass, Clean, Blues and Lead.


Vox VTX Valvetronix Amp

The Vox VTX Valvetronix Amp range utilizes Vox’s modeling technology and offers a wide range of in-built effects as well as a warm-sounding tube preamp circuit. Other features include the ability to switch between Class A and Class AB settings as well as 11 different Amplifier models to choose from. Sizes range from the VT20X and VT40X to the VT100X.


Vox AV Amp

The Vox AV Series stands for ‘Analog Valve’ and features analog pre-amp circuitry which is based on 12ax7 preamp tubes. The Vox AV Amp also features modulation effects such as chorus delay and reverb as well as a retro-designed cabinet. The range covers the Vox AV15, AV30, and AV60.


Vox MV50 Amp

The Vox MV50 Amp Head is a smaller-sized 1-pound head that produces an amazing 50 watts of power! The Nutube technology in the Vox MV50 contains analog preamp circuitry with a Class D power amp. The MV50 is available in the following options; MV50 AC, MV50 Boutique, MV50 Clean, MV50 High Gain, and MV50 Rock.


Vox Pathfinder Amp

The Vox Pathfinder Amp is a highly popular practice-sized guitar amp which offers that unique Vox styling and tone in only a small 10-watt combo amp. The Pathfinder is available in the Pathfinder 10 for guitar or the Pathfinder 10 for Bass.


This concludes the Haworth Guitars snap-shot of some of the models in the Vox Amp range. We have not covered all of the models on offer but rather just a peek at the range. For more information on Vox amplifiers please contact our friendly staff at Haworth Guitars. We’re here to help!