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Shubb Lite Aluminium Series Banjo Capo Natural Aluminium

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SKU: 152/L5

The Shubb Lite is made of aluminum. It weighs less than one ounce. Is a Lightweight capo for you?

Maybe. Some people associate a certain amount of heft with quality, while many others feel that a capo should be as light as possible. Neither opinion is right or wrong; it's a matter of choice. If a lighter weight capo is to your liking, and that of your instrument, then the Shubb Lite is definitely the capo for you!

We call it "for banjo" but we're quick to add "also fits most mandolins and bouzoukis." We might throw in tenor guitar, and a number of other 4-string instruments.

The great majority of banjo fretboards are flat. Radiused banjo fretboards only came into use within the past 15 years or so, and still account for relatively few instruments. If you're not sure whether your fretboard is radiused or not, it probably is flat.

Because of the narrowness of the neck, gauge of strings, resilience of the capo's rubber material, etc. the radiused and flat model 5 capos can be used almost interchangeably on some instruments. If you happen to get your hands on the wrong one, there's a pretty good chance that it will work OK, anyway.