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Evans Onyx Drum Head, 18 Inch

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The revolutionary Evans Level 360 drum head technology is found in the proprietary collar design that extends the level playing surface of the drum head 360 degrees around the drum. This vertically enhanced collar design ensures balanced contact with the critical bearing edge of the drum shell, resulting in:

Ease of fit
Ease of tuning
Extended tuning range and quality of sound
Evans Level 360 technology solves the age-old dilemma of traditional synthetic heads consistently not fitting a variety of drum shells without using force that chokes the responsiveness of the head and the drum's performance.

Two plies offer consistency and durability for longer playing time
A frost coating gives the Onyx heads a matte black appearance and increases low-end response and attack
The Onyx tom heads are the perfect aesthetic and sonic compliment to the Onyx bass heads and Onyx bass resonant
All Evans drum heads are designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA