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Behringer Bode Frequency Shifter 1630 Eurorack Mod

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Behringer Bode Frequency Shifter 1630 Eurorack Mod 


Shift into high gear and get ready for that drop because the BODE FREQUENCY SHIFTER 1630 from Behringer is here! Expand your setup with an authentic recreation of the famous module from the ‘70s made with state-of-the-art circuitry including a voltage-controlled beat frequency quadrature oscillator. The BODE FREQUENCY SHIFTER just might be the piece you need to fill out that empty slot in your setup. The BODE FREQUENCY SHIFTER accurately shifts the entire frequency spectrum of any input signal from -5 to +5 kHz. Simply plug in any audio source and start turning the giant knob to lower or raise the frequency. The amount of shift can also be varied with the Scale knob which lets you switch between linear or exponential control. Additional controls on the BODE FREQUENCY SHIFTER include a variable threshold squelch which minimizes carrier bleed-through and can be used to creatively alter the input signal’s characteristics. Up to three control voltages can also plugged in, as well as up to four output signals.

• Amount of shift is accurately voltage-variable with linear or exponential control
• Variable threshold squelch minimizes apparent carrier bleed-through due to input signal background noise
• Less than 1% total unwanted modulation and distortion products
• Eurorack specs: 14 HP, 110 mA +12 V, 110 mA -12 V

  • Authentic recreation of the famous Bode frequency shifter from the '70s
  • Accurately shifts the entire frequency spectrum continuously variable from -5 to +5 kHz
  • State-of-the-art circuitry includes voltage-controlled beat frequency quadrature oscillator
  • Accurately shifts input signals over the audio frequency range of 30 Hz - 16 kHz