Haworth Music School - Terms And Conditions


Fees shall be calculated at a rate of $37.50 per 30min lesson, for 1 student.

Lessons are 30 minutes long which includes approximately 25 minutes of tutoring and 5 minutes of additional time (warm up activities, reviewing progress). The decision on how to best use instructional time will be made by the Teacher based on the student’s individual needs and abilities.

No further fees shall be charged for travelling or preparation time of the teacher. The teacher may, on occasion, request parents to purchase materials but parents may elect not to purchase materials in which case the teacher will use alternate materials with the student.

Fees may be adjusted from time to time and shall become effective after having given the parent at least 30 days notice.


Payments are to be made either upfront in full prior to commencement of the school term to enjoy a discount, OR can be paid weekly using our new Automated Payment System, Stripe, which will be deducted from your account weekly prior to your lesson. You may pay by cash, card or via Zippay onsite or over the phone.


Haworth Music School teachers take time to prepare for lessons and schedule their time to be available for their students. Therefore, HMS has a no-makeup policy in order to ensure our teachers and students have a structured schedule for their term.

Extenuating circumstances will be credited, however in the event of illness/emergency etc, please notify the HMS manager 24 hours before your lesson and the teacher will be happy to send the student work to continue on with during the week via email.

Upon signing up for a term with HMS, all lessons for the remainder of the term are agreed to be paid in full. Should student/parent wish to discontinue lessons, HMS will retain any prepaid payment up to the value of two lessons and refund the balance within 14 days upon advisement of the discontinuation of lessons, full and complete bank details must be provided in order to fulfil the bank transfer.


In the case of an illness or injury a teacher may need to cancel lessons, in this event students will be notified as soon as possible and Haworth Music School admin staff will apply a credit onto the account. 

If circumstances dictate that a student can no longer continue with HMS by recommendation of the teacher, the school will endeavour to refund monies that are remaining on the account. 


Agreeing to the policies of 'HMS Student/Parent/Carer Standards and Responsibilites' acknowledges your understanding and cooperation of said document. 

Lessons may be permanently terminated by either party, at which time 7 days notice is required. 


As the majority of our HMS Students are minors, this agreement is to be signed by a parent/guardian. As per the terms and conditions of this contract, parents are to accept the responsibility of their child's adherence to this agreement. Please note that all Haworth Music School Teacher's are accredited with their Working with Children's Check.


Unless informed via writing prior to the students first lesson, The instructor and Haworth Music School have permission to feature photos/videos of this student (never using full name) on the studio bulletin board, website, facebook page and/or promotional items.


Every student/parent, worker and contractor of Haworth Music School (HMS) are to conduct business safely, fairly, respectfully, courteously and in a highly ethical manner. Fairness, respect, courtesy and honesty in dealings with any person connected to HMS is the essence of the Code of Conduct and it’s the obligation of every HMS worker to commit to this.
Unlawful discrimination will not be tolerated by HMS and we encourage the reporting of any alleged breaches to the HMS manager.

HMS is committed to providing a safe work environment that is free from workplace bullying or harassment, and will actively work towards eliminating this behaviour. Bullying and/or harassment is considered a workplace health and safety issue and is not tolerated. As a condition of using the services of HMS and our premises contractors and students/parents must agree to follow this policy to ensure all services delivered by the HMS team are consistent and of a high standard.

Harassment is behaviour that is unwelcome, unreciprocated and offensive to the recipient. It is one-sided, imposed and affects the dignity of an individual. It is the unwanted nature of the conduct that distinguishes harassment from welcome and mutually accepted behaviour. It includes actions, comments, jokes or suggestions, which cause the recipient to feel, threatened, humiliated or patronised. Harassment can be physical, verbal or non-verbal and it can occur outside the immediate workplace e.g. at an external function, meeting or training course.

Bullying can be described as persistent, offensive, abusive, intimidating, malicious or insulting behaviour. It is an abuse of power, conducted by an individual or group against others, either overtly or insinuated, which makes the recipient feel upset, threatened, humiliated, vulnerable or undermines their self-confidence and which may cause them to suffer stress. Bullying can include verbal or physical bullying, gesture bullying, exclusion or extortion.


HMS Students/Parents are to:

  • Remain respectful toward their teachers, HMS admin/management team and Haworth Music Centre shop team and affiliates.
  • Keep teachers identifiable information as private and confidential.
  • Arrive to the HMS class with a desire to musically progress their individual and natural ability.
  • Respectfully discuss with the HMS Admin team if they’d like to explore working with another teacher.
  • Not engage in inappropriate dialogue, including use of profanity, with students, parents, other HMS teachers/staff or HMS customers onsite.



HMS Students/Parents are:

  • Not to discriminate against students and parents/caregivers, teachers or other Hawoth team members regardless of any diverse nature associated with ethnicity, religious and spiritual beliefs, Sexual orientation and preference, Gender, Age, Cultural and Moral beliefs.
  • To always address teachers in a professional manner, remaining polite and upholding the music teaching industry.
  • Are encouraged to conduct at home practice
  • uphold guidelines regarding the expectations of payment, attendance and notice for lengthy non attendance or termination of lessons and so forth. 
  • Are to advise the admin as soon as possible, of any serious contagious illness or infection.

Be aware of professional boundaries. 

  • Physical and emotional relationships are not permitted between a teacher and a student. Should a suspected unethical relationship form between a teacher and parent/caregiver or student, management must be notified and the students lessons with the teacher must cease. In this case another teacher will be appointed to the student and a review of the teacher will commence.
  • HMS music teachers recognise that sexual relationships are not permitted, any interaction of this kind with a student will prompt immediate termination of the teachers’ contract based on unethical conduct. 

In relation to students and parents, HMS music teachers:

  • Are required to inform admin and management of any circumstances that are considered a risk to safety, and where necessary, authorities and/or emergency services.
  • Encouraged to ensure their physical and mental health are attended to. This is to ensure the best tuition for students.
  • Are required to report any instances where they belief there is cause for serious concern, (regarding a student’s welfare) to management and with management, will report to authorities, where applicable.
  • Recognise that Inactive students are still considered protected by privacy.
  • Inform students of any upcoming events with HMS and dependent upon age and understanding, will discuss the event with parents and caregivers, (where present) to ensure their understanding of any potential participation. 
  • Be aware of Copyright laws, APRA, AMCOS and any personal ABN and WWCC expectations. 
  • Inform management of any studio instruments or equipment that may be damaged or faulty. This is to ensure the safety of others.
  • Understand that any conflict of interest presenting between HMS teachers must be brought to the attention of management for effective 3rd party assistance, in an attempt to resolve issues.
  • Are encouraged to remain professional, where possible, with awareness of the company of an HMS student in public settings, as well as Haworth Music Center premises. 
  • Are encouraged to inform management of any misconduct 

By another teacher.

  • Are expected to hold a current Working with Children’s Check and ABN to provide tuition through HMS.
  • Are not permitted to approach students with pressure, for their own benefit, whilst providing tuition at HMS and post-departure of the remainder of the school term. Students are locked in by term with HMS and have the freedom to seek their preferred teacher at their own will.

Haworth Music Centre has a no tolerance for the use of illicit drugs and the consumption of alcoholic substances during and prior to carrying out lessons.