Martin Guitars

Martin Guitars are some of the most impressive and high-grade acoustic guitars available today with Martin and Co being first established in 1833. The USA Martin Guitar factory today is located in Nazareth Pennsylvania and is home to some of the most historic guitars in the world within the Martin Guitar Museum.

At Haworth Guitars, we have had the privilege of visiting the USA Martin Guitar factory and seeing these incredible instruments being crafted first-hand and it is nothing short of amazing. Many of the techniques used by the luthiers in the Martin Factory have been used since the very early days. It is for this reason that Martin Guitars still have that authentic American acoustic appeal today.

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Martin 000-17 17 Series Acoustic Guitar


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Martin & Co and Haworth Guitars

Martin Guitars Sydney

For Martin Guitars in Sydney Australia, Haworth Guitars are the leading dealer with a great range of Martin Guitars in our store just south of Sydney. These days it can be difficult to find an authentic dealer of Martin Guitars in Sydney with the range and customer service to go along with it. However, Haworth Guitars pride ourselves on not only showcasing our range of Martin Guitars in store but also by providing friendly customer service as well so that you can try out your Martin Guitar without a pushy salesperson breathing down your neck!

So as far as Martin Guitars Sydney goes, why not come and visit Haworth Guitars located just south of Sydney in Wollongong and Shellharbour NSW. If you’re in Sydney and have any questions regarding Martin Guitars, get in touch with one of our friendly staff today.


Martin Guitars Australia

When it comes to Martin Guitars in Australia it can be hard finding a guitar store you can rely on. That’s where we come in! Our range of Martin Guitars Online here at Haworth Guitars is available to ship anywhere in Australia with our experience guitar techs going over each Martin Guitar before it ships with a fine-tooth comb to make sure your new Martin Guitar looks, feels and sounds just like it should.

Our experience here at Haworth’s with Martin Guitars dates back decades with our stores being one of the few authorized Martin Guitar Dealers in Australia who are just as passionate about these guitars as the luthiers who build them.

If you’re looking for that new Martin Guitar and need it sent around Australia, Haworth Guitars are your guys. We will help you find that perfect Martin Guitar to suit your taste and budget and make sure we get it to you promptly and safely. To find out how our team at Haworth Guitars can help you find your new Martin Guitar, contact our friendly staff.

Here we go into some of the most popular models in the Martin Guitar range…


Martin D28 Guitar

The Martin D28 Acoustic Guitar is one of the most well-known acoustic guitars in the world as is often regarded as the pinnacle of acoustic guitars when it comes to tone, playability and overall craftsmanship.

The Martin D-28 boasts high-grade solid tonewoods such as East Indian Rosewood and Sitka Spruce and produces a sound like no other guitar on the market today. For more information on the Martin D-28 Guitar contact our friendly staff today.


Martin HD-28 and Martin HD-28E

The Martin HD-28 and HD-28E models offer more of a special touch to the original Martin D-28 Guitar with the HD12-28 also in the mix as a 12-string guitar offering. Martin have saved their most comfortable neck profile for the Martin HD-28 Guitar which also has vintage appointments with forward shifted bracing.


Martin 000-15M and 15 Series Guitars

Martin 000-15M Guitar along with the Martin 15 Series Guitars solid mahogany tonewoods to not only give the 15 Series a warm tone and feel but also a different appeal visually to the typical spruce top guitars.

Other popular models in the Martin 15 Series include the Martin D-15M, Martin 000-15SM, Martin 00-15M and the Martin OMC-15ME guitar.


Martin Standard Series Guitars

The Martin Standard Series include popular American-made Dreadnought models such as the Martin D-35 Guitar, Martin D-18 Guitar and Martin D-45 Guitar. Typically Martin use solid spruce tops on the majority of these beautiful guitars with rosewood or mahogany back and sides.

Smaller-bodied guitars in the Martin Standard Series which are proving popular include the Martin 00-28 Guitar, Martin 00-18 Guitar, Martin OM-21 Guitar, Martin 000-28 Guitar and Martin OM-28 Guitar.


Martin 17 Series Guitars

With finishes such as Black Smoke and Whiskey Sunset, the Martin 17 Series are a unique offering indeed. Eye-catching models in the range include the Martin 000-17E in Black Smoke and Whiskey Sunset, Martin 00-17S in Whiskey Sunset and Martin DSS-17 in Whiskey Sunset and Black Smoke.


Martin 16 Series Guitars

With satin finishes and Fishman electronics, the Martin 16 Series offers models such as the Dreadnought-sized Martin D-16E Guitar as well as the Martin 000-16E Guitar, Martin GPC-16E Guitar, Martin OMC-16E Guitar and Martin 00-16E Guitar.


Martin Road Series Guitars

At a very reasonable price-point, the Martin Road Series Guitars provide quality while making themselves more easily accessible to a great number of guitarists. Dreadnought models in the Martin Road Series include the Martin D-10E Guitar, Martin DC-13E Guitar and Martin D-13E Guitar.

If you’re after more of a grand concert body shape or something not as large as a dreadnought guitar, the Martin 000-10E Guitar, Martin GPC-11E Guitar, Martin 000-13E Guitar or Martin GPC-13E Guitar might be what you’re looking for.


Martin X Series Guitars

The Martin X-Series Guitar range includes great quality with value in mind. Some of the more sought-after dreadnought models in the Martin X-Series includes the Martin DX1AE Macassar Guitar, Martin DX2MAE Guitar, Martin DCX1RAE Guitar, Martin DCX1AE Guitar, Martin DX1RAE Guitar and the Martin DXMAE Guitar. There is also a dreadnought 12-string guitar available in the range which is the Martin D12X1AE Guitar.

For something other than the dreadnought, other models include the Martin 000X1AE Guitar, Martin 00X1AE Guitar, Martin GPCX1RAE Guitar, Martin GPCX1AE Guitar and Martin 00X1AE Guitar.


Little Martin, Martin Backpacker and Martin Junior Guitar

The Little Martin provides that same Martin feel and appeal we all know and love in a tighter body shape ideal for the road or for smaller guitar players. The Martin LX1R and LX1RE Little Martin Guitars are some of the most popular small-bodied guitars on the market today, as are the Martin LX1 and LX1E Guitars. For something different in the Little Martin range, we have the Martin LXK2 and LX Black Little Martin Guitars.

The Martin Backpacker is one of the most traveled-with acoustic guitars on the planet with its slender body-shape and incredibly lightweight design. The Martin Steel-String Backpacker Guitar gives a bright steel-string kind of tone while the Martin Classical Backpacker Guitar has more of a classical nylon feel to it.


The Martin Junior Guitar

The Martin Junior Guitar range has Martin’s authentic design and feel without the USA price-tag. Sought-after models in the Martin Junior Guitar range include the dreadnought guitars such as the Martin DJR-10 and DJR-10E Guitar as well as the 000-size guitars such as the Martin 000JR-10 Guitar and Martin 000CJR-10E Guitar.


Martin Ukulele’s

The Martin Ukulele range make up some of the most exquisite uke’s in the world with quality timbers and finer appointments. The Martin S1 Uke is a popular model in the range as is the Martin T1K Uke and Martin C1K Uke. Expanding the Martin Ukulele range we have models such as the Martin 2K Concert Uke, Martin 2k Tenor Uke, Martin Konter Uke, Martin 1T IZ Tenor Uke and the exquisite Martin 5K Uke.

For more Martin Ukulele information contact one of our friendly staff at Haworth Guitars today.