Acus considers, structures and makes its whole line of items solely in Italy at Recanati, drawing upon the most elevated amount of aptitude accessible from a focal point of history and custom in the advancement and production of melodic instruments in Europe. Acus was established and is made with excitement and advancement by the Canale family, drawing on more than 40 years of committed improvement and experience in acoustic amplification. 

Acus conceives, designs and manufactures its entire line of products exclusively in Italy!

Acus' main goal is a sound structure that intensifies acoustic sound with clearness, virtue and stunningly realistic tone. 

The speakers, cabinets and every single electrical component are specially crafted. Acus' fashioners have created bi-amplified power sections in the electronic components able to create a high bandwidth and slew-rate. 

In key places of the preamplifiers are found particular class A output stages and are there to offer a warm valve-like tone typical of studio amplifiers.

The sound cabinets are built in the Acus' custom shop on an individual basis with refined varieties in structure and decision of base materials inside the parameters of each particular model. The amplifiers are delivered to Acus' standard specification, with ultralight responsive cones. An Italian handcrafted design with unwavering attention to detail in its preamps, speakers, parts and cabinets - aesthetics and functionality in immaculate amicability. 

Acus fabricates enhancement frameworks explicitly focused at acoustic groups, with devoted channels, preamps and screens that give evening out levels to all instruments. Speedy, simple to utilize and dependable, with inflexible sound quality. 

These variables set another standard in sound quality in the realm of acoustic string instrument intensification.