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As one sixth of progressive metallers Periphery, Jake Bowen is no stranger to boundary pushing. So when it came to working with a manufacturer to build his signature model, who better than Ibanez - a company who have been responsible for building iconic guitars for many musical pioneers, including: Joe Satriani; Steve Vai; Paul Gilbert; as well as Marten Hagstrom and Fredrik Thordendal (Meshuggah). When it comes to crafting sublime signature models that adhere strictly to the artist's vision, Ibanez exceed expectations every time. The Ibanez JBM20 Jake Bowen Signature Electric Guitar in Matte Black isn't just a powerful guitar that plays like a dream, but it looks absolutely stunning too.
The body is modelled on the RGA body shape - itself modelled on the classic RG body shape -, which means it benefits from sleekly contoured curves, with deep double-cutaways, and a beautiful arched top. The body back is shaped from mahogany to establish a substantial mid to low-end energy, with an enviable sustain that carries warmth and power. Married to the mahogany is a delicately shaped maple top to guarantee a balanced resonance, and brilliant clarity across the upper mid to high-end frequency range. Simply put, the tonewood combination gives the JBM20 a generous output that is powerful yet nuanced.
To facilitate a fast and free playing-feel, Ibanez has employed their Wizard III neck profile across the three-piece maple neck. Built with durability, stability and resonance in mind, the neck feels exceptionally comfortable, enabling your hand to glide along with ease. Paired with the neck is a luxurious rosewood fingerboard, which is home to 24 jumbo frets - with a unique 12th fret inlay -, that are bound in order to accommodate seamless transitions between each fret.
Bowen's signature model wouldn't quite be the same without his signature DiMarzio Titan pickups, and the JBM20 is fitted with one each in the neck and bridge. The bridge pickup produces a tight and aggressive response, which is perfect for executing deep chugging palm mutes, and is great for choppy rhythm licks. The neck pickup delivers a punchy sound output with a fat response without ever becoming muddy, making it perfect for searing leads and brilliant clean tones. Periphery’s music is incredibly complex, and it is only fitting that Bowne's signature pickups can meet his demands, so expect a wide range of tonal options from these beauties.
The control layout is quite simple, allowing you to get on with playing your heart out. There is a master volume, and a 5-way pickup selector switch that allows you to choose a range of options including: Position 1. Bridge Pickup; Position 2. Bridge and Neck Pickups (Inner Coils); Position 3. Bridge and Neck Pickups; Position 4. Neck Pickup (In Parallel); Position 5. Neck Pickup (In Series).
To meet the demands of Bowen's fearless playing style, Ibanez has equipped the body with the Edge-Zero II tremolo bridge. The beauty of this locking tremolo system is that it keeps your strings securely fixed, whilst allowing you to perform some serious gymnastics with the tremolo arm from deep dives to wailing highs. Adjustment of string action can be done with the greatest of ease, and string tension is delightfully simple too. Ibanez has ensured that no matter what happens during a good, all the control you need is at your fingertips. The headstock is home to gold Gotoh MG-T locking tuning machines that work alongside the nut and trem system to uphold tuning integrity and string tension precisely.
Ibanez 2016 Jake Bowen "Periphery" signature model
Mahogany body provides substantial low-end energy and sustain
Arched maple top with cool matte black finish
Wizard III three-piece maple neck
Bound 24 jumbo fret rosewood fingerboard with unique 12th fret inlay
Jake Bowen Signature DiMarzio "Titan" humbuckers
Edge-Zero II locking tremolo system for superior vibrato control
Black hardware complements the body finish beautifully
Gold Gotoh MG-T locking tuning machines

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