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Going Places: The Merits of The Travel Guitar

The words "travel guitars" might seem a contradiction, after all, aren’t all guitars easy to carry? It’s common to see people carrying around a guitar case, so traditional guitars are generally thought to be quite portable – at least on the surface. But actually try to travel any distance with one, particularly on planes, buses and trains, and the difficulties become apparent.

Traditional guitars are made to be carried – it is one of the reasons that they are so popular. A young adult in good health can carry a guitar without a problem, and moving around from place to place by private car makes guitars easy to travel with for everyone. However, children who are just learning to play the instrument may have a difficult time commuting with a standard guitar, as might older folks, or frequent travellers.

Travel, in particular, can be a real problem for people who play the guitar, and play it well, because it may mean that their guitar never leaves the house because it’s too bulky to carry. Buses or planes often don’t have enough carry-on room for something so large, and to relegate a guitar to a cargo area, leaves it subject to damage. They can be easily stored beneath a seat or in a standard baggage compartment on an airliner.

For these guitar players, travelers are a great option, as they give the same sound with only a portion of the weight and size – the same neck length, and the same number of frets, but otherwise scaled down to be easy to carry and store.

Less Can Indeed Be More

It's easy to imagine that scaling down a guitar would mean a loss of features, but in reality, travel guitars have the same features as the standard instrument. Models can come with headphones sockets and an internal pre-amp. They can be plugged into MP3 players. Some even have wireless connections to use certain radios when no amplifier is available.

Travel guitars may look a little different – the body is smaller, and some of them can be folded or taken apart to fit into the same space as a tennis racket, but they sound just as beautiful as a full-sized instrument, whether you prefer electric or acoustic. People increasingly live their lives on the move today, but that's no reason not to learn to play the guitar. A travel guitar is the perfect choice for those who want to practice or make music wherever they go.

Posted in: Guitars