Schecter Guitars

Schecter Guitars is a well-loved brand at Haworth Guitars with a wide range of Schecter Electric Guitars, Schecter Acoustic Guitars and Schecter Bass Guitars available online and in-store. The range of Schecter Electric Guitars is quite diverse with selections from the Schecter Diamond Series, C-1 SLS Elite, Omen, Apocalypse, C-6 Pro, C-6 Plus, C-6 Deluxe, Banshee, SGR, Sun Valley, Sustainiac and Hellraiser models to the Schecter Retro, Artist and Custom models just to name a few!

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Schecter C-6 Pro Aqua Burst Electric Guitar


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Haworth Guitars and Schecter Guitars Australia

Schecter Guitars Australia

Here at Haworth Guitars we pride ourselves on our Schecter Guitars and when it comes to Schecter Guitars Australia, we’re the one-stop-shop with a great selection available in our Wollongong Store just south of Sydney.

As well as stocking a great range of Schecter Guitars in the Sydney region, Haworth’s also have the Schecter Guitar range available online with delivery all over Australia. So where ever you are in Australia, Haworth Guitars can help you find your next Schecter Guitar.

Schecter Electric Guitars

Schecter SLS Elite

The Schecter C-1 SLS Elite Guitar is a shred machine with a gorgeous carved flame maple top and maple/walnut/padauk thru-neck design, swamp ash body, compound radius fretboard and a powerful set of Fishman Fluence Modern pickups. For a Floyd Rose Tremolo, you can’t go past the Schecter C-1 FR SLS Elite Guitar or even add in the Sustainiac pickup with the Schecter C-1 FR S SLS Elite.

For something a bit more mean it’s worth checking out the Schecter C-1 SLS Evil Twin Guitar and for the 7-string lovers out there, take a look at the Schecter C-7 SLS Elite, C-7 SLS Evil Twin, C-7 FR SLS Elite and the C-7 Multiscale SLS Elite.


Schecter Hellraiser Guitar

The Schecter Hellraiser C-1 Guitar is a crowd favorite with it’s carved top, mahogany body, Thin C mahogany neck, and EMG pickups. Beef things up with the Schecter Hellraiser C-1 FR S Guitar which adds the Floyd Rose Tremolo and Sustainiac neck pickup or for the 7-string, 8-string, and 9-string players check out the Hellraiser C-7 FR S, Hellraiser C-8 and Hellraiser C-9 Guitars.


Schecter Hellraiser Hybrid

If you love the Schecter Hellraiser Guitars as well as the Schecter SLS Guitars, the Schecter Hellraiser Hybrid combines the two with beautifully carved tops, EMG pickups, and compound radius fretboards. The Schecter Hellraiser Hybrid PT Guitar is well worth the look as well as the Schecter Hellraiser Hybrid C-1 model and Hellraiser Hybrid Tempest. Check out the Floyd Rose Guitars in the range such as the Hellraiser Hybrid C-1 FR S, Hellraiser Hybrid C-1 FR S and Hellraiser Hybrid C-1 FR LH (Left-Handed).

7-string and 8-string models are also available in the Hellraiser Hybrid range with the Hellraiser Hybrid C-7, Hellraiser Hybrid PT-7 and Hellraiser Hybrid C-7 LH (Lefty) as well as the 8-string Hellraiser Hybrid C-8 and Hellraiser Hybrid C-8 LH (Lefty).


Schecter Apocalypse Guitars

The Schecter Apocalypse Guitar range is one for the true metal players with stainless steel frets, compound radius fingerboards, swamp ash bodies, and smooth-feeling contours. The Schecter C-1 Apocalypse and C-1 FR S Apocalypse are impressive with 24 X-Jumbo frets and Schecter USA Apocalypse-VI pickups with a Sustainiac option.


Other popular models in the Apocalypse range include the Schecter PT Apocalypse guitar, Solo-II Apocalypse in Red Reign, V-1 Apocalypse and the E-1 Apocalypse.


Schecter C-6 Pro and C-6 Pro FR

The Schecter C-6 Pro Guitar range combines beautiful timbers such as mahogany and burl for the body and maple/wenge for the neck. The Schecter C-6 Pro also comes with Schecter Diamond Decimator pickups for that beefy tone as well as a fast-feeling Ultra Thin ‘C’ neck. For a Floyd Rose, Tremolo Bridge check out the Schecter C-6 Pro FR.


Schecter Artist Models

With artist series such as the Schecter Synyster Gates, Schecter Keith Merrow and Robert Smith models available in the Schecter Guitar Range as well as many more models from brands such as Papa Roach, Disturbed and Iron Maiden just to name a few, the Schecter Artist Guitar Range is diverse and impressive. Browse through the range of Schecter Arist models on our website or talk to our staff here at Haworth Guitars to find out more.


Schecter Banshee Elite

The Schecter Banshee Elite Guitar screams quality with Ash body and flame maple top as well as a 9-piece neck and the powerful Schecter USA Super-charger pickups. The Banshee Elite-6  comes with hardtail but is also available with Floyd Rose Bridge and Sustainiac pickup as the Banshee Elite-6 FR S. 7-string and 8-string models are available as the Banshee Elite-7,  Elite-7 FR S and Banshee Elite-8 with Left-handed models such as the Banshee Elite-6 LH, Elite-6 FR S LH and Banshee Elite-7 FR S LH available also.


Schecter Banshee Extreme

The Schecter Banshee Extreme Guitar is a versatile beast with a single, single, humbucker setup using Diamond Plus pickups. The Schecter Banshee-6 Extreme comes with hardtail and the Banshee-6 FR Extreme has the Floyd Rose Trem. The Banshee-7 Extreme is for the 7-string lovers.


Schecter C-6 Plus and C-6 Deluxe

The Schecter C-6 Plus and C-6 Deluxe Guitar Range comprise Diamond Series electric guitars which sit at a great entry-level price-point without sacrificing quality. The Schecter C-6 Plus and Schecter C-6 Deluxe come with a string-thru-body bridge setup whereas the C-6 FR Deluxe comes with Floyd Rose Tremolo. 7-string and 8-string models are available with the Schecter C-7 Deluxe and C-8 Deluxe as well as lefty models available too.


Schecter Omen and Omen Extreme

The Schecter Omen and Omen Extreme Guitars are rock beasts and come standard with a mahogany body and powerful Schecter Diamond Plus pick-ups with quilt maple tops available on the Omen Extreme models. Popular models in the Schecter Omen Extreme Guitar range include the Schecter Omen Extreme-6, Omen Extreme-7 7-string, Omen Extreme-FR with Floyd Rose and Schecter S-II Omen Extreme.


Popular models in the Schecter Omen Guitar Range include the Schecter Omen-6, Omen-7 7-string, Omen-8 8-string guitar and Schecter S-II Omen with left-handed versions available in both Omen and Omen Extreme models as well.


Schecter SGR Guitar

The Schecter SGR Guitar Range is built with an affordable price-point in mind with models such as the 006 FR SGR, Avenger SGR, Banshee-6 FR SGR, C-1 FR SGR, S-1 SGR and C-7 SGR making up some of the most popular models in the SGR by Schecter Range.


Schecter Sun Valley Super Shredder

The Schecter Sun Valley Super Shredder Guitar Range combines classic Cali-style body shapes with hotted-up pickups and hardware including 24 frets, Floyd Rose Hot-Rod Terms and EMG Retro-Active pickups. The Sun Valley Super Shredder PT FR and Sun Valley Super Shredder FR are two of the more popular models with the Sun Valley Super Shredder FR S adding the Sustainac and the Sun Valley Super Shredder FR LH as the lefty option.

The Sun Valley Super Shredder III adds an extra level of playability and visual mastery with head-turning timbers and finishing and sleek contours. The Sun Valley Super Shredder III is also available in 7-string as the Sun Valley Super Shredder 7 III.


Schecter Koa E-1 and Koa C-1 Guitars

The Schecter E-1 Koa and C-1 Koa Guitars boast beautiful Koa tops with compensated nut and Schecter San Andreas pickups straight out of the Schecter Custom Shop. These guitars are amazing but don’t just take our word for it, check out the Schecter E-1 Koa and Schecter C-1 Koa and see for yourself.


Schecter Custom Guitars

The Schecter Custom Series boasts quality features such as impressive timbers and colors, high-end hardware, pearl block fretboard inlays, and hand-made Schecter USA pickups. Key models in the Schecter Custom Guitar range include the Schecter E-1 Custom, Schecter Corsair Custom, Solo-II Custom, and Schecter V-1 Custom.


Schecter Damien Platinum Guitar

The Schecter Damien Platinum Guitar Range features Schecter’s iconic Bat inlay work along the fretboard as well as the powerful EMG 81 and 85 pickup setup. Stand-out models in the Schecter Damien Guitar range include the Schecter Damien Platinum-6, Damien Platinum-6 FR and Damien Platinum 6 FR S with 7-string, 8-string and 9-string models available as the Schecter Damien Platinum-7, Platinum-8, and Platinum-9. Lefty models are also available.


Schecter Demon Guitar

The Schecter Demon Guitar Range is made for the heavy guitarist with Schecter active pickups, gothic inlays, and black satin finishes. The Schecter Demon S-II, Demon-6, Demon-6 FR, Demon-7 (7-string) and Demon-8 (8-string) models make up the majority of the range with left-hand models available as well.


Schecter Platinum Series

The Schecter Platinum Guitar Series features powerful active EMG 57 and 66 pickups with beautiful black and silver finishes. The Schecter C-1 Platinum, S-II Platinum and V-1 Platinum models are well worth a look!


Schecter Reaper Series

The Schecter Reaper Guitars bring with them some stunning timbers with a poplar burl top on a swamp ash body along with a 5-piece neck and an ebony fingerboard. The beefy Schecter Decimator pickups pack a serious punch and the ultra-thin C neck is smooth and fast. The Schecter Reaper-6, Reaper-6 FR and Reaper-6 FR S with Floyd Rose and Sustainac pickup make up the majority of the 6-string range with the Schecter Reaper-7 Multi-scale covering the 7-string end of the spectrum. Lefty models are also available in the Reaper-6 LH, Reaper-6 FR LH, Reaper-6 FR S LH, and Reaper-7 Multiscale LH.


Schecter Retro Series

The Schecter Retro Guitar Range covers classic styles and flavors suited to guitars of all genres with the Schecter Coupe and Corsair Custom Guitars appealing to the hollow-body guitar player and the Schecter PT, PT Fastback II B, PT Special, Hellcat-VI and Spitfire Guitars appealing to more classic rock and blues players. Either way, the Schecter Retro Series covers a wide range of styles and tastes.


Schecter Standard Series

The Schecter Solo-II Standard and Schecter E-1 Standard Guitars suit the classic rock guitarist with hardtail bridges, diamond alnico pickups, and Grover machine heads. These Schecter Standard Guitars are built to rock!


Schecter Acoustic Guitars

The Schecter Acoustic Guitar Range includes the Schecter Deluxe, Schecter Orleans and Schecter Orleans Studio models as well as signature models such as the DJ Ashba Acoustic Guitar, Robert Smith RS-1000 Acoustic and Synyster Gates Guitars. Each Schecter Acoustic Guitar brings with it it’s own unique look, feel and tone, unlike any other guitar on the market.


Schecter Bass Guitars

The Schecter Bass Range includes models aligned with the guitar range such as the Schecter SLS Elite Bass, Schecter Apocalypse Bass, Schecter Hellraiser Extreme Bass, Schecter Omen and Omen Extreme Bass, Schecter Retro Bass Series, Schecter SGR Bass, Schecter Bass Artist Models, and Schecter Damien Platinum Basses. These iconic Schecter Bass Models take on the same type of construction, timber and hardware specs as the relevant guitar models but with a few key differences. Add to this the Schecter Riot Bass Range and the range of Schecter Stiletto Bass Guitars including the Schecter Stiletto Custom, Stiletto Extreme, Stiletto Stage, Stiletto Stealth and Stiletto Studio Bass Guitars and you’ve got a diverse range of bass guitars suitable to any genre and experience level.


That completes what we have to say about the Schecter Guitar and Bass Range. For more information on any of the Schecter models mentioned here contact one of our friendly staff or drop into one of our Haworth Guitars stores today!