The Roland V Drum range is one of our most popular electric drum kit lines here at Haworth Guitars. We have the range of Roland V Drums available from beginner electric drum kits to intermediate and professional models, there really is something for every drummer. Plus, with our stores located just south of Sydney Australia and with shipping available Australia wide through our website, we make it easy for you to buy your next Roland Drum Kit from Haworth’s.

When you buy your Roland V Drums online or in-store from Haworth’s you also receive the full manufacturer’s warranty which is backed by Roland Australia so you know you’re buying from an Authorised Roland Dealer at Haworth’s.

The Roland V Drum line ranges from beginner to advanced kits.

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Roland V-Drums TD-1DMK Electronic Drum Kit


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Haworth Guitars and Roland V-Drums

Here we will take a quick snapshot of the range and review what each drum kit has to offer.


Roland TD-1K

The Roland TD1K Drum Kit is a fantastic entry-level electric drum kit that contains 15 different drum kits covering a wide range of drumming styles and genres. The Roland TD-1K Kit also has built-in training so you can improve your drum techniques every time you sit down at your drum kit. With a headphone input and a beater-free kick drum, practicing on the TD1K Drum Kit is easy and fun without disturbing the neighbors!


Roland TD-1KV

The bigger brother to the TD1K is the Roland TD1KV Drum Kit which adds in a mesh snare for that extra sensitivity and feel. The Roland TD-1KV still comes with the 15 different drum kits as well as the training feature, metronome, recorder and beater-less kick pedal.


Roland TD-1KPX2

The Roland TD-1KPX2 Drum Kit takes portability to the next level with an easy pack-up system while also adding in more mesh pads for that authentic feel as well as compatibility with twin kick pedals.


Roland TD-1DMK

Taking the Roland V-Drum level a step further is the Roland TD1DMK Drum Kit which takes that authentic feel to the next level while also remaining extremely portable and functional with the twin kick pedal.


Roland TD-17K-L

The Roland TD17KL Drum Kit raises the bar with the award-winning Roland TD17 Brain which offers connectivity to your smartphone via Bluetooth Audio so you can play along with your favorite songs wirelessly. The Roland TD-17K-L also offers a large 12-inch double mesh snare for that authentic feel.


Roland TD-17KV

The Roland TD17KV takes Roland’s award-winning TD17 technology and adds all-mesh pads giving the whole kit an even more responsive feel and sound. The TD-17KV series really gives the authentic feel of a high-end acoustic drum kit with the technology to take your drumming to new heights. The TD-17 series is the ideal kit to improve your drumming skills.


Roland TD-17KVX

The Roland TD17KVX Drum Kit maintains all the key features of the TD17 kit but also adds in the Roland VH-10 hi-hats to give your hats an even more authentic feel. The extra hardware component on the TD-17KVX makes this kit feel even more like a high-end acoustic kit.


Roland TD-25K

Perfect for the home and studio, the Roland TD25K Drum Kit allows for quick sound customization with a high-end feel. The TD-25K has a 10” snare with dual 6.5” rack toms and an 8” floor tom as well as Roland’s VH-11 hi-hat, plus crash and ride cymbals.


Roland TD-25KV

The Roland TD25KV Drum Kit builds on the same features as the TD25K while adding a second crash cymbal. Other key features include the KD-9 Kick Pad with cloth head and an advanced sound system which is based on the popular TD-30 kit.


Roland TD-25KVX

The Roland TD25KVX Drum Kit features rim-shot and cross-stick playing capabilities on the snare with positional sensing as well as a KD-180 Bass Drum with an 18-inch acoustic shell for that premium acoustic kit feel. The TD-25KVX also has three 10” PDX-100 dual-mesh toms for that authentic feel and playability.


Roland TD-50K

The Roland TD50 series is Roland’s premium electronic drum series and in particular, the TD50K drum kit features Prismatic Sound Modeling as well as a 14” digital snare with the multi-sensor system. The TD-50K is ideal for professional use in the studio or on the stage.


Roland TD-50KV

The Roland TD50KV adds in extra features on top of the TD50K including the deeper rack tom and floor top pads adding even more playability and functionality to the kit itself.


Roland TD-50KVX

Roland’s flagship kit, the TD50KVX brings with it the same technology as the TD50KV and TD50K while adding in some finer details including the KD-220 Bass Drum for an even more acoustic feel and visual appeal.


And that caps off the line of Roland Electric Drum Kits at Haworth’s. For more information on the Roland V-Drum Range, please contact our friendly staff at Haworth Guitars. We’re here to help!