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Here at Haworth Guitars, we love our Ernie Ball Music Man gear and pride ourselves on our range of Music Man Guitars and Bass Guitars in our stores as well as our online range. We have some of the most unique and exquisite Music Man Guitars and Basses for sale in Australia from the Ernie Ball Music Man USA Guitar Range with some of our more popular guitars such as the John Petrucci signature series, the Music Man Stingray, the Music Man Silhouette, the Music Man Axis and the Music Man Cutlass making frequent appearances in our stores.

The Music Man Bass Guitar range also features heavily in our stores with popular models ranging from the Stingray 4-string Bass and Stingray 5-string Bass to the Music Man Bongo Bass and Sterling Bass just to name a few.

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Ernie Ball Music Man And Haworth Guitars

Music Man Guitars and Basses Australia

With both of our stores located just south of Sydney, Haworth Guitars are a quick trip for Sydney guitarists and bassists to get their Music Man Guitar and Bass fix while also servicing Wollongong, the Illawarra and the South Coast of NSW. Our online guitar store makes accessing your next Music Man Guitar or Bass easy with free shipping available Australia wide and all of our Music Man Guitars and Basses going through a thorough 35 point check before being sent to our customers.

Every new Music Man Guitar or Bass you buy through either our physical or online guitar store also comes with the full manufacturer’s warranty so you can rest assured you’re in safe hands at Haworth’s.


Music Man Guitar Models

Here is a brief snapshot of some of the models in the Music Man Guitar range. This is not the whole range but rather a look at just a few key models.


Music Man Stingray Guitar

The Music-Man Stingray Guitar comes standard with a light-weight Okoume body as well as a modern tremolo system and a figured maple roasted neck which not only looks amazing but also feels incredibly smooth and comfortable to play.


Music Man Majesty Guitar

The Music Man Majesty falls under the John Petrucci Signature Guitar range and is spec’d. by the legend himself with strong and sturdy neck-thru construction, digital pickup switching, insane figured timbers, and the powerful Dimarzio Dreamcatcher and Rainmaker humbucker pickups.


Music Man John Petrucci JP15

The Music Man John Petrucci JP15 features a stunning figured maple top with a roasted maple neck and a set of Dimarzio Illuminator humbucker pickups as well as a piezo bridge pickup to add in another dimension of tone.


Music Man Cutlass

The Music Man Cutlass is available in both SSS and HSS pickup configurations and is built with the original 70s Music Man designs in mind. The roasted maple neck is smooth and comfortable and the super smooth modern tremolo system is a dream to use!


Music Man Silhouette

The Music Man Silhouette is actually the first-ever Music Man guitar to be produced and boasts a 24 fret maple neck with vintage-style tremolo, Schaller locking machine heads and a unique HSH DiMarzio pickup setup giving endless tonal options.


Music Man Axis

The Music Man Axis and Axis Super Sport are shred machines with fast-feeling necks, Dimarzio humbuckers, and super-slick feeling tremolos.


Music Man Bass Models

The Music Man range of Bass Guitars is some of the most popular bass guitars on the planet with the whos who of bassists often having a Music Man bass in their arsenal. Some of the key Music Man basses in the range are as follows:


Music Man Stingray Bass

The Music Man Stingray Bass is really an industry icon with its incredibly powerful humbucker pickup in the bridge position, a heavy-duty bridge and a full-feeling neck. The Stingray Classic Bass is just like the original Music Man Bass with a string-thru-body bridge, ash body and a standard Music Man alnico humbucking pickup in the bridge position. This model is also available in the 5-string version.

For something a little different check out the Music Man Stringray Old Smoothie which has a classic mute bridge, old smoothie humbucker pickup and a maple neck with skunk stripe. Or the short-scale Stingray Bass is also another great option for something a bit more unique.

The Music Man Stingray Special is also available in 4-string and 5-string versions.


Music Man Bongo Bass

The Music Man Bongo Bass has been turning heads for many years now with its unique body design and headstock aesthetic. Available in 4-string, 5-string, and 6-string versions, the Bongo Bass offers great tonal options with dual humbucker pickups as well as a powerful preamp system and light-weight tuners.


Sterling by Music Man

Sterling Guitars and Basses offer the same high standard of quality that Music Man Guitars live by while offering a more affordable price point for guitarists and bassists who are ready to rock. Similar models can be found in the Sterling Guitar and Bass range when compared to the Music Man range including models such as Valentine, Luke, Axis, and John Petrucci Majesty as well as other John Petrucci guitar models.

Sterling also offers guitar models such as St Vincent, Cutlass, Stingray and Albert Lee with Bass models including the Stingray range from the Ray-34 to the Ray-35 and more.

Below we take a look at some of the key models in the Sterling by Music Man guitar range.


Sterling Guitars


Sterling Valentine Guitar

The Sterling Valentine Guitar has that classic Music Man feel with an ash body, roasted maple neck and locking tuners with both hardtail and tremolo bridge options available. The pickup combination is quite unique on the Valentine Guitar with a humbucker in the neck position and a single-coil in the bridge.


Sterling Axis Guitar

With an asymmetrical hard maple neck, a Music Man designed vintage tremolo system and two incredibly powerful humbucker pickups, the Sterling Axis is a no-nonsense rock machine that feels great for lead work as well as crunchy rhythm.


Sterling Luke Guitar

The Sterling Luke Guitar rocks a boost switch on the volume control for those tasty guitar solos as well as cool features such as a classic V neck shape and vintage tremolo system. Luke also features locking tuners which makes string changing and alternate tunings a breeze.


Sterling John Petrucci Majesty Guitar

The Majesty Guitar by Sterling is a stunning guitar in the range with beautiful contours and timbers as well as a 3-piece mahogany neck, locking tuners, modern tremolo, active boost control, and powerful humbucker pickups. The Majesty 7-string and Majesty X Guitars add something a little different to the standard model too.


Sterling John Petrucci Guitars

The Sterling John Petrucci Signature series covers quite a range of guitars including the JP60, JP70 7-string, JP150, JP157 7-string, and the JP160. Each guitar in the John Petrucci Sterling range offers designs from John Petrucci himself combined with touches from Music Man.


Sterling Stingray Guitar

With dual humbuckers, a vintage tremolo system and a fast-feeling maple neck, the Stingray Guitar in the Sterling range offers a no-nonsense rock machine that can cover both rhythm and lead styles of playing.


Sterling St Vincent Guitar

The St Vincent Guitar by Sterling offers a bold body shape made from African mahogany as well as a rock maple neck, rosewood fretboard, vintage tremolo system and three mini-humbucker pickups giving a unique tone across each of the pickups.


Sterling Cutlass Guitar

The Sterling Cutlass Guitar is available in both SSS and HSS pickup configurations and features a vintage fulcrum tremolo system as well as a comfortable maple neck.


Sterling Bass Guitars

The Sterling Bass Guitar Range offers multiple variations of the Stingray Bass design with both 4-string and 5-string options available. Popular models in the Sterling Bass range include:


Sterling Ray34 Bass

The Sterling Ray-34 Bass Guitar boasts a roasted maple neck, powerful alnico humbucker pickup, and Music Man designed the bridge. The Ray 34 Bass is also available as the Ray-35 5-string version.


Sterling Ray34 HH Bass

The Sterling Ray-34 HH Bass has a humbucker pickup in the neck position as well as the bridge which adds in extra tonal options for the player. This bass is also available as the Ray-35 HH 5-string version as well.

For something a little more unique check out the Stingray Ray-34QM and Ray-35QM which both have that stunning quilted maple top or the Stingray Ray-34PB and Ray-35PB which have a beautiful poplar burl top.


Sterling Ray24CA Bass

The Sterling Ray24CA features a hard maple neck, ceramic humbucker pickup and a Sterling bridge with a 5-string model available as the Ray25CA.


Sterling Ray4 and Ray5

The Sterling Ray-4 Bass and Ray-5 (5-string) Bass feature a 9-volt active preamp with a humbucker in the bridge position as well as a heavy-duty bridge and comfortable hard maple neck. The Ray4 and Ray5 are also available in a string of cool colour options as well as left-handed variations.

This caps off the Haworth Guitars run down of Sterling by Music Man Guitars and Basses as well as the Music Man range. For more information on any of the guitars and basses by Music Man and Sterling, even if you haven’t seen it here, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team at Haworth Guitars.