Cole Clark

Cole Clark Guitars are all Australian made, with most models now being built from Australian Sustainable timbers, such as Victorian Blackwood, Satin Box, Queensland Maple, Bunya, Californian Redwood grew in Victoria and Blackbean to name a few, what's not to love about these Australian beauties.

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Cole Clark and Haworths

We love our Cole Clark Guitars here at Haworth's! So much so that Haworth Guitars are the sole largest Cole Clark seller on the Planet. Yes, it's official, we sell more Cole Clark's than any other store worldwide....and we're pretty bloody proud of it!

We love the acoustic tone these gorgeous Cole Clark Guitars provide as well as their solid craftsmanship and attention to detail. We also love the two-way and three-way Cole Clark pickup system which is arguably one of the best-sounding acoustic guitar pickups on the market today.

With multiple timber combinations available across the range, we love the fact that every Cole Clark guitar is totally unique with its own individual characteristics. And with so many great models available such as the Cole Clark Little Lady, the Cole Clark Angel and the Cole Clark Fat Lady with different series starting at the One series and going up to the Three series, there really is a Cole Clark guitar for every style, size and budget.

Another great advantage of shopping with Haworth Guitars is that we buy these Cole Clark Guitars straight from the factory and often take a trip through the factory to hand-pick unique guitars to bring back to our stores which helps to keep the price down and also keeps our range fresh and unique.

Cole Clark has now added the Cole Clark Long Lady Kennedy Bass Guitars to their range which is stunning Aussie made through-neck bass guitars built from mostly Australian timbers which feel amazing to play and sound fantastic.

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