Fender American Performer Series

At Haworth Guitars, we agree that to become an extraordinary guitar player, it takes time. The same goes for extraordinary guitars. Handmade in Corona, California, with all-new Yosemite pickups, the American Performer Series are worked for the individuals who request to be heard.

Fender American Performer Stratocaster


The Fender American Performer Strat brings USA made quality to an affordable price-point with Yosemite pickups, Greasebucket tone circuit, modern C shaped neck and satin finishes.


Fender American Performer Telecaster


The Fender American Performer Tele has similar features to the Stratocaster such as the Yosemite pickups but also adds a vintage style bridge and adds the option of a humbucker in the neck position as well as the traditional single coil telecaster.


Fender American Performer Jazzmaster


The Fender American Performer Jazzmaster guitar keeps it simple with it’s strat-style tremolo bridge with bent steel saddles. The pickups are Yosemite single-coils voiced for this particular guitar and the frets are jumbo. This Fender Jazzmaster is a USA-made beauty.


Fender American Performer Mustang


The Fender American Performer Mustang guitar brings a slightly shorter and lighter feel to the USA Performer Series with it’s 24” scale length, offset body, traditional mustang bridge and dual single-coil pickups.


Fender American Performer Precision Bass


The Fender American Performer P-Bass brings with it versatility with it’s PJ pickup configuration which has both a split single-coil middle pickup and a single-coil bridge pickup offering a broad spectrum of bass tones. The Fender American Performer Precision Bass also uses medium-jumbo frets and is available in four unique finishes.


Fender American Performer Jazz Bass


The Fender American Performer Jazz Bass guitar keeps the traditional J-Bass pickup configuration with Yosemite single pickups as well as a comfortable Modern C shaped neck. The Jazz Bass also offers a smooth satin finish on the neck and is also available in four different colours.


Fender American Performer Mustang Bass


The Fender American Performer Mustang Bass guitar is a unique offering in the American Performer range and brings with it a shorter scale-length at 30 inches making it extremely easy to play. The American Performer Mustang Bass also has a J-Bass single-coil pickup in the bridge position as well as a split-coil Mustang pickup in the middle position.