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Marshall has combined the best of the best by issuing the Dual Super Lead amplifier. This two channel head provides a host of versatile sounds that should please every guitarist, ranging from the throaty roar of a vintage plexi to the crunch of a JCM800 model 2203 and beyond.

  • Each channel has independent controls for Gain, Volume, and Reverb.
  • The two channels share common controls for Bass, Middle, Treble, and Presence.
  • The Tone Shift button cuts the highs while boosting the lows and highs.
  • The Deep Switch -- unique to Marshall -- uses resonance to produce a tight low end rumble in direct proportion to the size of the speaker cabinet.
  • Both channels have a choice of two push button modes
  • 'Clean' or 'Crunch' on the Classic Gain channel:
    • Results in superb clean sounds with plenty of percussion and excellent articulation
    • Or go for crunch reminiscent of the early Super Lead Plexis but with the extra drive of a JCM900 style Master Volume.
  • 'Lead 1' or 'Lead 2' on the Ultra Gain channel:
    • The 'Lead 1' mode will remind you a hotrodded JCM800 model 2203. Turn the guitar down and it cleans up nicely.
    • The 'Lead 2' mode has more controllable gain than any previous Marshall -- up to 14 times the Gain levels available from JCM800 models!
  • The spring reverb (foot switchable) works on both channels.
  • Rear panel accepts the PEDL-00001 foot switch for channel selection.
  • Second foot switch jack on rear panel for reverb on/off.
  • Effects loop with level selection switch.
  • When effects loop is not in use, the signal path is 100% pure valve.
  • 16 ohm speaker jack plus pair of parallel jacks (4/8 ohm).

Please Contact Us for further info and photos

Please Contact Us for further info and photos

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